And finally… Costanza’s law

A judge cited hit TV sitcom Seinfeld as he allowed an appeal from a man convicted in absentia after missing a rescheduled court hearing.

The man had attended court on time for the original scheduled hearing, which was subsequently cancelled, but then missed the rescheduled hearing by a couple of hours because of a mix-up on the start time.

The sympathetic judge compared the circumstances of the case to a predicament from episode 17 of the TV show’s sixth season.

In the episode, character George Costanza is charged $75 for missing a physiotherapy appointment, but then arrives at the rescheduled appointment to find that the physiotherapist has cancelled without notice.

He later confronts the physiotherapist: “Oh, so your time is more valuable than mine?”

Judge John Little, a judge in the superior court of the Canadian province of Alberta, said the man in his case would face a “similar injustice” if the conviction stood, CTV News reports.

A fresh trial will now take place.