And finally… grow up

A 101-year-old man was told by UK immigration authorities to have his parents confirm his identity.

Giovanni Palmerio, who has lived in London since 1966, hit the obstacle after applying to the EU settlement scheme to stay in the UK after Brexit, The Guardian reports.

Because of an apparent software error, the purpose-built app registered his age as just one year old and told him to bring his mother and father to an advice centre.

Dimitri Scarlato, an activist who assisted Mr Palmerio with his application, said: “I phoned the Home Office and it took two calls and a half an hour for them to understand it was the app’s fault, not mine.”

Although the mistake was resolved, Mr Palmerio was subsequently asked to provide proof of residence for five years, despite the Home Office having access to 54 years of his national insurance and tax records.

The Home Office has apologised for the age mix-up. Mr Palmerio’s application is still pending.