And finally… macho men

A feminist group whose song became a global anthem for those protesting violence against women is being sued for allegedly inciting violence against police officers.

“A Rapist in Your Path”, also called “The Rapist Is You”, became a global hit after Chilean feminist collective Las Tesis uploaded a video of their performance online.

The song, which decries machismo and gender-based violence, has since been performed by women across Latin America and Europe, including by MPs in the Turkish parliament.

However, Chile’s national police force, the Carabineros, has now launched legal action blaming Las Tesis for attacks on police officers, La Tercera reports.

The words “fuego a las pacos” – roughly “fire to the police” – are “unequivocal in constituting a direct and public incitement to act violently against the members of the Carabineros de Chile”, the lawsuit claims.