Bar of Northern Ireland launches e-bundles service for solicitors

Bernard Brady QC
Bernard Brady QC

The Bar of Northern Ireland has launched a new service which provides e-bundles for court and is accessible to solicitors when instructing members of the Bar Library.

Solicitors can now get easy and portable access to the new e-bundle service which is available across both desktop browsers and mobile devices.

Bar chairperson Bernard Brady QC said: “Technology is a vital enabler within the legal profession and innovative services like this have the potential to really assist solicitors, barristers and the court in an increasingly digital world.

“It will give solicitors easy access to our one stop shop for e-bundles for court that are Practice Direction compliant. The service will also assist solicitors in engaging with the digitised courtroom experience; the e-bundles we provide are secure, fully indexed, searchable and easy to navigate for all parties.”

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