Barrister TD Jim O’Callaghan turns down junior ministerial role

Jim O'Callaghan
Jim O’Callaghan

Fianna Fáil’s justice spokesperson, Jim O’Callaghan SC, has turned down a junior ministerial role in the Department of Justice.

Mr O’Callaghan, a barrister and one of the most prominent legal voices in the Dáil, was offered the position of minister of state with responsibility for law reform.

However, he told The Irish Times that he believed his “energy and abilities will be better used as a backbench Fianna Fáil TD rather than as a junior member of government”.

“At a time when many of our party’s senior members will be preoccupied with their ministerial duties, I want to devote more time to strengthening our great party by making it a more attractive option for young voters,” he added.

“I also believe Fianna Fáil needs strong voices outside government who can ensure that our party’s identity can be protected during the term of this coalition government.”