BLM staff help tidy up children’s hospice in Newtonabbey

Staff at BLM’s Belfast and Derry offices volunteered their time to help tidy up the grounds of the Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice in Newtonabbey.

A total of 15 volunteers carried out gardening and a general tidy up of the grounds around the hospice, which works to help children with life-shortening conditions.

A spokesperson for BLM said: “Many of these children have extremely complex conditions and children’s palliative care services like Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice offers a lifeline for families caring for children with life-shortening conditions but these families still have to fight to access the care and support they need.

“In Northern Ireland, the volume and frequency of care secured by these families is rarely sufficient to meet their needs.

“Well done to the team for braving the rain all day and special thanks to Pauric McGonagle from our Derry office who travelled from Letterkenny to help.”

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