Cabinet approves plans for graduated speeding penalties

Shane Ross

The Cabinet has approved the plans of Transport Minister Shane Ross to introduce graduated speeding penalties, The Irish Times reports.

The proposals seek to impose sanctions on drivers according to the extent to which they exceed the speed limit.

Under current law, a driver who breaks the speed limit faces a flat fine of €80 and three penalty points.

But Mr Ross’ plan would see those who drive at higher speeds face higher fines.

Motorists who travel 30km/h over the speed limit will face prosecution under a new offence and may also be fined €2,000 and receive seven penalty points.

Those who exceed it by less than 10km/h will receive two points, rather than the three they would under the current law.

Driving over the limit by between 10km/h and 20km/h will attract three penalty points while doing so by 20-30km/h will see drivers given a fixed notice of four penalty points.

Barrister David Staunton welcomed the proposals.

“Obviously there have been some instances where a person might be less than 10km over the limit and they would be treated in the same way that a person who was driving far in excess of the speed limit. Clearly that’s not very fair,” he told RTÉ’s Sean O’Rourke show.

He also said the measures would allow for greater streamlining of cases coming before the courts as motorists would be more inclined to accept a fixed penalty that corresponds to their level of culpability.

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