Consultation launched on gardaí powers to search cash-for-gold outlets

DJEThe Department of Justice and Equality has drawn up plans for greater gardaí powers to search jewellers, antique dealers and cash-for-gold outlets.

A consultation launched today invites stakeholders and members of the public to submit their thoughts on empowering An Garda Síochána in a bid to bring down the number of burglaries in Ireland.

Explaining the background, the consultation document states: “There has been concern expressed at the possibility that the establishment of ‘cash for gold’ outlets in recent years has adversely impacted on the rate of burglaries with these outlets being used as a means to dispose of stolen items of jewellery (precious metals and stones), etc.”

It goes on to set out three options, including a “minimalist approach involving the use of existing legislation and resources”.

However, it also suggests a “comprehensive and resource-intensive response requiring registration of businesses, monitoring, powers for An Garda Síochána and the introduction of penalties for non-compliance”.

The third option is a “mid-way approach” which would introduce additional regulations and penalties, but would not require businesses to register or monitoring to be conducted.