An article published in Irish Legal News on 6 November 2019 (Supreme Court: Permanent TSB shareholders in ‘lengthy litigation war’ lose appeal against interlocutory injunction) erroneously used the word “explained” to describe remarks made by Mr Justice O’Donnell.

Mr Justice O’Donnell stated in his judgment, by way of obiter dicta: “It appears, however, that Mr Skoczylas and Scotchstone acquired their shareholding in the group holding company at a time when the banking system in Ireland was in distress and the share price had dropped to a few pence.”

Our article incorrectly stated that Mr Justice O’Donnell had “explained” this to be the case. We are happy to set the record straight.

Mr Skoczylas has written a letter to the Supreme Court which he intends to highlight multiple fundamental factual errors in the Supreme Court’s prima facie findings, in order to ensure that his good name and motives are not unfairly impugned. We are happy to make his letter available here.