eCourt trial goes off without a glitch

Yesterday’s trial of a new “paperless litigation” system in the Supreme Court of Ireland went smoothly, according to its developers.

Irish Legal News yesterday spoke to practising barrister Kieran Morris, co-founder of eCúirt Teoranta, who said people in Northern Ireland and the UK would be paying close attention to the Dublin pilot.

Android tablets running the bespoke eCourt app were used during the appeal case of Lannigan v. Barry. The system allows for pleadings and other court documents are scanned and uploaded to tablets, where they can be searched electronically and private annotations made.

At the touch of a button, a person presenting in court can bring up a page that he or she is referring to on all parties’ devices.

The technology is aimed at civil and commercial cases where a lot of paperwork is involved.

Dáithí Mac Cárthaigh, also an eCúirt Teoranta co-founder, today confirmed the pilot went smoothly without any technical troubles.