Elderly cancer-sufferer imprisoned in Saudi Arabia faces 350 lashes for making wine

Karl Andree

The children of a 74-year-old Briton who is to be given 350 lashes in Saudi Arabia as punishment for having homemade wine have appealed to the Prime Minister, David Cameron, to save him.

Saudi police arrested Karl Andree after discovering the wine in his car last year.

He has already been in prison for over a year.

His children have now called on Mr Cameron to intervene to save their father from being lashed, fearing he may die as he suffers from cancer.

In a statement reported by The Sun they said: “Our father has given 25 years of his working life to Saudi Arabia, and this is how he is treated. Until his arrest, he has always been happy working there and felt safe.

“He is 74 years of age, has had cancer three times and his wife is dying in a home in the UK. He now needs medical care for his cancer and asthma, and there is no doubt in our mind that 350 lashes will kill him. We implore David Cameron to personally intervene and help get our father home. The Saudi government will only listen to him.”

The Foreign Office said: “Our embassy staff are continuing to assist Mr Andree, including regular visits to check on his welfare, and frequent contact with his lawyer and family.

“Ministers and senior officials have raised Mr Andree’s case with the Saudi government and we are actively seeking his release as soon as possible.”

Last month, diplomatic cables given to Wikileaks revealed that Britain made secret vote-trading deals with Saudi Arabia to guarantee both countries were elected to the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in 2013.

This was widely condemned given the kingdom’s deplorable human rights record – Riyadh has approved over 100 beheadings so far this year.

Currently, Shia activist Ali Mohammed al-Nimr faces death by crucifixion after being convicted of joining an anti-government demonstration.