Employment lawyers welcome consultation on parental bereavement leave and pay

Lisa Bryson
Lisa Bryson

Employment lawyers have welcomed the launch of a consultation on parental bereavement leave and pay in Northern Ireland.

The consultation, to run until 10 August, follows the recent introduction of parental bereavement leave and pay legislation in Great Britain.

Lisa Bryson, partner in employment and immigration at Eversheds Sutherland in Belfast, said the consultation “is to be welcomed and is a significant step forward”.

She added: “It would be hoped that following this two month consultation, the Northern Ireland Assembly will move quickly to bring Northern Ireland legislation into line with the rest of Great Britain, ensuring that all bereaved parents have the right to at least two weeks’ paid leave from work.

“It is unfortunate that some employers do not have sufficient compassionate leave measures in place and this proposed legislation will ensure that going forward employees who find themselves in such a terrible situation will have this legal comfort too.”

As the legislation moves forward, Ms Bryson said employers who do not currently provide for the right to time off should “inform themselves of the progress and outcome of this consultation process”.

“This proposed legislative change is really important and I would encourage all those with an interest in this to take part in this consultation”, she said.

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