England: Man successfully appeals TV licence fine

A man who was fined for not having a television licence has won his appeal against the fine because he only watches programmes on catch-up.

Nick Thomas, 43, was visited by the TV licensing office last year as he was not registered as having a TV licence.

Mr Thomas refused to allow the officer into his home and was fined £180.

He was handed the fine at Worcester Magistrates’ Court but a loophole in the law allowed him to escape the fine.

Mr Thomas claimed to only ever watch shows on catch up, and under the current law, watching catch-up TV does not require a television licence.

However, this legislation is due to change and from 1 September 2016, all users will need to invest in the £145.50 licence.

Speaking after the case, Mr Thomas, said: “I said straight away ‘This is not right, I only watch catch-up TV’. I know my rights so I defended myself.

“I’m just glad the judge was on my side, someone was on my side.

“I just think of the elderly and vulnerable who in the end will just pay the television licence, and not know their rights. It is just wrong.”