Eversheds Sutherland: Trade lawyers in higher demand after Brexit vote

Alan Murphy
Alan Murphy

Brexit will lead to increased demand for trade lawyers in Ireland, Eversheds Sutherland’s managing partner in Ireland has said.

In a wide-ranging interview with the Irish Independent, the international firm’s Irish chief Alan Murphy said trade lawyers “weren’t really that important” before the UK voted to leave the EU.

Mr Murphy said: “I don’t want to insult any trade lawyer in the past because it was all about the EU rules. But now there are a whole lot of new trade laws going to be introduced and we are going to need trade lawyers to advise clients on those.”

He added that his firm’s clients are taking “a wait-and-see approach” to Brexit.

Mr Murphy explained: “It is not certain what the position is going to be. But even now you would have a number of concerns: trade, tariffs, finance, things like FX, logistics, which would then feed into real estate.

“A lot of companies have established warehousing in very different parts, say Northern Ireland, the UK, Republic of Ireland, and they have stockpiled materials, so it is all about general business and how that is going to be affected.”

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