Fifteen solicitors provisionally elected to Law Society Council

Fifteen solicitors have been deemed provisionally elected to the Law Society Council following a ballot of solicitors.

There were 4,029 valid votes in the election, representing just under a fifth of the total number on the roll.

The solicitors provisionally elected are:

  • Sonia McEntee
  • Paul Egan
  • Keith Walsh
  • Morette Kinsella
  • Brendan Cunningham
  • Richard Hammond
  • Siún Hurley
  • James Cahill
  • Valerie Peart
  • Bill Holohan
  • Gary Lee
  • Helen Coughlan
  • Paul Keane
  • Liam Kennedy
  • Justine Carty

As there was only one candidate nominated for each of the two relevant provinces, there was no election and the candidate nominated in each instance was returned unopposed, as follows:

  • Connaught: David Higgins
  • Munster: Shane F. McCarthy

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