Grandmother ordered to remove photos under GDPR laws

A woman has been ordered to remove photos of her grandchildren from her social media accounts after a judge ruled that the matter was covered by the GPDR.

The children’s mother launched legal proceedings in the Dutch city of Arnhem after her own mother, with whom her relationship broke down a year ago, refused to remove the images, de Gelderlander reports.

The grandmother argued that she had removed most of the images, but wanted to keep images of the eldest child, who had lived with the grandmother for seven years until April 2019.

However, a judge rejected her argument and insisted that the images could not stay on social media without parental consent. He imposed a penalty of €50 per day, to a maximum of €1,000, for each day that the images were not removed.

The judge said the GDPR’s exemptions for the “purely personal” of “household” processing of data did not apply since the images were being shared with a wider audience via social media.

Tags: Privacy law

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