Help-to-buy scheme to continue for at least five years

The help-to-buy scheme introduced in 2016 will continue for the next five years under the draft Programme for Government agreed by Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and the Green Party.

Party sources told The Times that it would be retained for the entire five-year term of the proposed coalition, despite criticisms that it primarily benefits wealthier homebuyers.

A spokesperson for Fine Gael told the paper that it had “helped almost 16,000 first-time buyers to purchase their first home” and will be continued “for the duration of the next Dáil”.

Darragh O’Brien, housing spokesperson for Fianna Fáil, added: “While it is not the most perfect model, it does help and first-time buyers in my own constituency would not have been able to buy homes without it.”

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