Home Office ordered to withdraw ‘misleading’ ad for post-Brexit EU settlement scheme

Home OfficeThe UK’s advertising regulator has ordered the Home Office to withdraw a “misleading” advert for the post-Brexit EU settlement scheme.

In a ruling published today, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said the radio advert gives listeners the impression that a passport or ID card is the only identification necessary to apply under the scheme.

The watchdog said it understood that applicants were asked to provide additional evidence of residence in 27 per cent of decided adult cases, and some applicants were asked for evidence of a family relationship.

According to the ASA, the advert “did not make sufficiently clear that, in some cases, applicants would need to supply documents beyond their passport or ID card”.

The Home Office has been told that the advert must not be broadcast again and future broadcasts must make “sufficiently clear” that some applicants would need to provide additional documents.

Responding to the ruling, a spokesperson for the Home Office told BBC News: “We completely disagree with ASA’s decision.”

The spokesperson added: “The campaign was factual and complied with all necessary clearance processes for radio advertising. The campaign has had a positive impact and encouraged more than one million successful applications so far.”

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