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Paul Kearney
Paul Kearney

A former barrister and solicitor advocate believes that solicitors’ firms must embrace technology if they are to survive in the coming months and year.

Paul Kearney made the decision to open Kearney Law Group (KLG) in September 2019 and he did so with a revitalised, renewed approach and mindset, compared to many of those who have stepped out before him.

Where prototypical methods have been the norm for many within the industry, Paul Kearney decided that his law firm would be different.

Researching and subsequently sourcing state-of-the-art technology were the first steps in futureproofing KLG and making it stand out from the crowd. Gone was the need for pen and paper, physical files and face-to-face meetings; with the introduction of technology and cloud-based software, the firm could work fully online and remotely, with increased efficiency and thereby achieving more timely results for clients due to increased connectivity.

With the current Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis, many legal firms have closed or put many of their staff on furlough, and as they look to reopen, they are now being forced to make the move to engage with technology and online software out of necessity, in order to save their business.

With almost eight months behind him though, Paul Kearney believes that the installation of these systems, has ensured minimal impact of the current situation on the firm, which now has seven offices throughout the Island of Ireland and Britain.

Paul said, “Initially, I made the decision to install the most up to date technology including cloud software to ensure that KLG was at the forefront of the industry, doing things differently and using more effective methods. I noticed a huge increase in productivity, as well as adaptability for clients. Clients were more engaged, no longer were they required to come to the office between nine and five – through the use of conference calling, emails, online banking etc., business could be completed in a lot less time and just about at any time.

“Now is a very difficult time for those in the industry, especially those who don’t have any technical systems in place and are being forced to move to use high-tech systems as a requisite. That could prove challenging if someone isn’t particularly ‘tech savvy’. I advocate that they engage in this COVID-19 digital environment; it is imperative that we in the legal system can deal with our clients and the public in a timely and efficient manner and not add to the many anxieties already present in today’s society.”

“I also want to ensure that Kearney Law Group continues to be revolutionary in providing a first class and unrivalled service to our clients. As well as the introduction of the exclusive risk-free insurance in Northern Ireland, I believe we are well on our way to setting the standards. I look forward to the possibilities available to the firm in future as we continue to look at ways that we can enhance the client’s experience through the use of technology. Indeed, we are in advanced talks with some tech industry leaders with regard to automatisation.”

KLG is also utilising their social media for followers during the current epidemic with a range of blogs dedicated to various topics relating to COVID-19, as well as their #AskTheSolicitor feature, which allows an anonymous follower’s query to be answered as part of the feature.

Whilst a lot of things are unsure at the moment, one thing is certain – KLG is transforming the legal sector when it comes to communicating and setting the standard for other firms on how to embrace change and move forward.

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