Law Society welcomes plans to increase number of Court of Appeal judges

Ken Murphy

The Law Society has welcomed the announcement by Justice Minister Charles Flanagan that the number of ordinary judges on the Court of Appeal bench is to be increased from nine to 15.

Director General of the Law Society Ken Murphy said: “The Court of Appeal has been a runaway success story since it first opened its doors in 2014. However, to this point, and despite the best efforts of Courts’ staff, resources have been insufficient to keep up with demand.

“In relation to civil appeals, for example, the number of new appeals lodged last year (611 cases) far exceeded the number of new appeals resolved by the Court (470 cases).”

He added: “Justice delayed is justice denied. This much needed investment in the Court will further improve access to justice for the public, whether commercial businesses or ordinary citizens, by reducing waiting times.

“As we anticipate the changes that Brexit might bring, this improvement to essential Courts’ infrastructure will allow Ireland to take advantage of new opportunities for the benefit of our economy.

“We look forward to seeing a diversity of justices named to the bench, including those from the solicitors’ profession.”