Lawyers with Deaf clients encouraged to assist minority languages research

Gearóidín McEvoy
Gearóidín McEvoy

Irish lawyers with Deaf clients have been encouraged to assist with research into how minority language users access their right to a fair trial.

Gearóidín McEvoy, PhD candidate in minority language rights law at DCU School of Law and Government, is looking to speak to Deaf Irish Sign Language (ISL) users who have experienced the criminal justice system as an accused person.

Her research intends to shed light on the realities of accessing justice for a minority language speaker in a human rights context.

Ms McEvoy told Irish Legal News: “I would encourage barristers and solicitors with Deaf clients to either get in touch or put their clients in touch so that Deaf experiences can be included in research on minority language users accessing a fair trial.

“It’s the lived experiences of Deaf people in the criminal legal system which is most vital to understanding how users of ISL access justice.”

Ms McEvoy can be contacted on or via Twitter on @GaRoDean.