M50 takes a toll on high-end cars

A clamp down on non-payment of M50 tolls has resulted in a number of upmarket cars, including a Range Rover, several BMWsAudis and Mercedes Benz, being seized.

Motorists who have failed to comply with the toll charges could face the possibility of large fines or even jail time.

In 2015, state owned company eFlow seized a total of 59 cars, 57 of which were registered in Dublin with two registered to addresses in Clonee, Co Meath.

The State is owed around on average, around €28,627 by these motorists.

After a court judgement for €1,592.80 in January last year, a red 2008 Audi A4 was one of four vehicles seized in the Clondalkin area. In February, a further four were seized, including a 2006 Range Rover, which was taken in the Mulhuddart area after a decree for €4,146. A white 2008 Fiat Ducato van was seized the same month, its owner having been hit with a judgment for €9,934.

Over the year a number of cars have been seized across Ireland on the back of judgements ranging from €4,146 to €15,277. eFlow noted that in a few cases the owners of these upmarket cars are serial offenders and often have outstanding offences on other vehicles and will now face criminal proceedings.

Eflow said the criminal summons was the latest tool in the enforcement proceedings against those who refuse to pay tolls. When applied, a criminal conviction can carry additional court fines of up to €25,000. Failure to pay these can see the defendant facing jail.

The average number of tolls unpaid each year by these repeat offenders is 189.