Marriage registrars refuse to co-operate with fraudulent marriage legislation

logoMarriage registrars are refusing to comply with regulations introduced in the Civil Registration (Amendment) Act 2014 due to a trade union dispute.

Registrar workers have refused to undertake additional responsibilities conferred in the legislation, which entered into effect on 19 August, because there was no prior consultation with the workforce.

The law is designed to prevent fraudulent marriages and gives registrars the right to investigate marriage applications and refuse to issue marriage registration forms.

Registrar workers also have the ability to inform and make inquiries with the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service under the new law.

The Health Service Executive (HSE) said it is producing a new report for disgruntled workers which will explain their additional duties.

Niall Shanahan, a spokesperson for the Impact trade union, said: “A meeting took place between management and the union representatives on September 16th.

“Staff are unhappy that prior to commencement of the Act there was no consultation on their additional duties. They will not undertake the additional responsibilities until further discussions with management.”

A spokesperson for the Health Service Executive added: “The HSE is involved in ongoing positive engagement with Impact regarding matters in respect of civil registration and a further meeting is planned for next week.”