Over 150 law graduates to take part in DCU mentorship programme

Pictured: Opening ceremony for the mentorship programme in 2019

Over 150 law graduates will take part this year in Ireland’s only mentorship programme for law graduates, which is taking place virtually as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The mentorship programme, organised by Dublin City University (DCU), will kick off later this month with a virtual opening ceremony and information session, where mentors and mentees will meet and network in breakout rooms.

Because of the virtual environment, law graduates from other countries have been enabled for the first time to participate in the programme, which requires mentors and mentees to “meet” online three times over a seven-month period.

The programme aims to establish a graduate network of support between mentors and mentees, to provide encouragement and practical advice on various aspects of the legal profession, including the pathway to qualifying as a solicitor/barrister, as well as providing insights as to alternative employment opportunities and options for law graduates.

For mentors, the programme aims to offer a rewarding experience of giving back, as well as self-reflection on their own career and professional development journeys. Both mentors and mentees also benefit from various networking opportunities among DCU graduates and within the wider legal profession.

Dr Aisling de Paor, associate professor of law at DCU School of Law and Government, told Irish Legal News: “The programme has been a wonderful success in building an engaged, active and unique law alumni community at DCU and we are very proud of all of our graduates who are taking part.”

Professor Daire Keogh, president of DCU, added: “Universities everywhere aspire to be ‘communities of learning’ - that ambition is epitomised in the Graduate Law Mentorship Programme at DCU.

“It exemplifies the university community at its best; staff, graduates, and students, supporting each other, signposting opportunities, and sharing insights. I am very grateful to our graduates for their commitment to this programme, and I am confident that their mentorship will enable our students to flourish.”

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