Professor Colin Harvey calls for conversation on Irish unity as ‘way back to the EU’

Professor Colin Harvey
Professor Colin Harvey

Human rights expert Professor Colin Harvey has called for a national conversation on Irish unity as a “way back to the EU”.

Professor Harvey, professor of human rights law at Queen’s University Belfast, said it would be “irresponsible not to talk about this”.

In a statement published by Think32, he said “growing belligerence from the British government” had created “a radically new context that demands fresh thinking”.

Professor Harvey continued: “It is time to plan and prepare for giving people on this island a say on the constitutional future. There is a mechanism to allow us to determine our own fate in the face of a British government that is walking further away from the values that underpin the Good Friday Agreement.

“Those calling for a people’s vote in the UK must accept that if their preferred outcome does not prevail then there is a logical next step.

“All those noting the consequences of a no-deal Brexit for this island are the voices of reason and constitutional responsibility.

“It is time for people who care about the well-being of everyone on this island to seize the moment and map out a better way forward for our island for the sake of future generations. The constitutional moment for this generation is upon us. We must not turn away.”

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