Solicitors appointed to leadership of UK-wide environmental protection office

Solicitors Dame Glenys Stacey and Natalie Prosser have been appointed to leadership roles in the UK’s new Office for Environmental Protection (OEP).

Dame Glenys will chair the new statutory body, due to be created by the Environment Bill, from 1 February 2021 while Ms Prosser will be its interim chief executive officer.

The functioning of the OEP in Northern Ireland remains subject to the approval of the Northern Ireland Assembly, but the appointments have been welcomed by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs.

Environment Minister Edwin Poots said: “I congratulate both Dame Glenys and Natalie Prosser on their recent appointments to these important roles and wish them well in carrying out their duties.

“The OEP will have an invaluable role in ensuring that environmental oversight continues following the United Kingdom’s departure from the EU.”

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