Suzanne Keenan returns to MKB Law from maternity leave amid coronavirus upheaval

Suzanne Keenan
Suzanne Keenan

Belfast-based MKB Law has welcomed back associate director and employment head Suzanne Keenan from maternity leave.

In a blog post, Ms Keenan said her return to work during the coronavirus pandemic “may not be what I pictured, but it is still great to be back at it”.

She commenced maternity leave last July before she and her husband welcomed baby boy Fiachra in August 2019.

Ms Keenan said: ” The current situation was not something I expected to have to factor into a return to work. I thought my main concerns were baby crèche facilities and more protracted morning routines.

“Thankfully at MKB Law we had invested considerable time and expense over the last number of years in updating our working systems including new case management software, paperless files, a home working policy, and Skype meetings and consulting.”

She added: “We have been fortunate in that my husband is able to care for Fiachra at home while I work in our home office and I can pop downstairs on my lunch break to see what new bashing noises Fiachra has discovered today!”

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