Case archive

Court of Appeal: High Court order striking out personal injury claim set aside

The Court of Appeal has set aside the order of Mr Justice Max Barrett striking out personal injuries proceedings on the grounds of inordinate and inexcusable delay.

Court of Appeal in Ireland — 5 August 2020

Supreme Court: Government’s climate change plan quashed

The Supreme Court has quashed the Government’s National Mitigation Plan to meet the National Transition Objective (NTO) in combating climate change on the grounds that it is “excessively vague and aspirational”.

Supreme Court in Ireland — 4 August 2020

Supreme Court: Finding of 'marriage of convenience' does not nullify marriage

The Supreme Court has held that a ministerial finding that a marriage amounted to a marriage of convenience does not make it a legal nullity.

Supreme Court in Ireland — 29 July 2020

Supreme Court: Garda who harassed State solicitor fails in appeal

The Supreme Court has dismissed the appeal of Eve Doherty, a Detective Garda who was convicted of the harassment of a State solicitor.

Supreme Court in Ireland — 28 July 2020

High Court: Deportation orders quashed after voluntary DNA testing

The High Court has quashed the deportation order of two relatives of an EU citizen, having heard that they offered to undergo DNA testing at their own expense. The court found the Minister for Justice erred in law on a number of grounds.

High Court in Ireland — 24 July 2020

Court of Appeal: 'Lenient' sentences for defilement and assault causing harm upheld

An application brought by the Director of Public Prosecutions seeking the review of sentences for defilement of a child and assault causing harm on grounds of undue leniency pursuant to s.2 of the Criminal Justice Act 1993 has been dismissed by the Court of Appeal.

Court of Appeal in Ireland — 19 March 2020

High Court: Injunction granted against quarry near conservation area

The High Court has granted an injunction against a quarry operating near the Leannan River Special Area of Conservation (SAC).

High Court in Ireland — 21 July 2020

Court of Appeal: Fishing case should have been taken by way of judicial review

The owner of a fishing vessel has lost his appeal in an action taken against the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

Court of Appeal in Ireland — 15 July 2020

Court of Appeal: Hearing to obtain search warrants against journalists fell 'woefully short' of required standard

The conduct of ex parte hearings where the PSNI obtained warrants in respect of the investigation into the theft of documents from the Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland relating to the 1994 Loughinisland massacre fell “woefully short” of a fair hearing, the Court of Appeal has held.

Court of Appeal in Northern Ireland — 13 July 2020

Supreme Court: ESB found negligent for UCC flood damage

The Supreme Court has found that the Electricity Supply Board (ESB) was guilty of negligence in relation to the extensive flood damage to University College Cork (UCC) in 2009.

Supreme Court in Ireland — 9 July 2020

High Court: Use of claddagh rings trademark restrained amid family feud

The High Court has made orders restraining the use of the famous claddagh rings trademark pending the determination of proceedings.

High Court in Ireland — 7 July 2020

High Court: Galway Clinic succeeds in application to dismiss proceedings over board decision

The High Court has granted the pre-trial application of Galway Clinic, a private hospital, to dismiss proceedings related to a 2017 majority decision by its board to build a new €17 million medical facility which did not proceed to construction.

High Court in Ireland — 3 July 2020

High Court: Seanad cannot sit without Taoiseach’s nominees

The High Court has ruled that the Seanad can only meet after all 60 members have been elected or nominated. The Seanad is comprised of 49 elected members and eleven members have been nominated by a new Taoiseach.

High Court in Ireland — 30 June 2020

Court of Appeal: Sentence appeal allowed on indecent assault case

The Court of Appeal has partially allowed an appeal, with regard to sentence, of a man who sexually abused two of his sisters.

Court of Appeal in Ireland — 26 June 2020

Court of Appeal: Garda’s Disclosures Tribunal appeal rejected

The Court of Appeal has dismissed an appeal taken by a garda criticised by the Disclosures Tribunal.

Court of Appeal in Ireland — 24 June 2020