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Court of Appeal: Department of Justice in breach of Equal Pay Act for sex discrimination

The Court of Appeal of Northern Ireland has dismissed an appeal from the Department of Justice against a finding that it had discriminated against a female employee on the grounds of sex.

Court of Appeal in Northern Ireland — 6 July 2021

Court of Appeal: Man fails in appeal to prevent extradition on Article 8 ECHR grounds

The Court of Appeal has dismissed the appeal of a man against an order for his surrender to the United Kingdom to face charges of sexual abuse of a young girl. The appellant argued that his surrender would be incompatible with his right to family and private life under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Court of Appeal in Ireland — 5 July 2021

Court of Appeal: Time extended for man convicted of manslaughter to appeal sentence but not conviction

The Court of Appeal has allowed an application by a man convicted of manslaughter for an extension of time to appeal his sentence. However, the court refused the man’s application to extend time to appeal his conviction.

Court of Appeal in Ireland — 2 July 2021

High Court: Legal challenges to the EU Withdrawal Protocol and Withdrawal Acts dismissed

The High Court has dismissed two legal challenges brought by several high-profile unionist politicians to the EU Withdrawal Protocol and the Withdrawal Acts and Regulations.

High Court in Northern Ireland — 1 July 2021

High Court: Personal injuries claim not statute-barred following supplemental application to PIAB to join a defendant

The High Court has allowed an appeal against a Circuit Court ruling that a personal injuries claim was statute-barred against a set of defendants.

High Court in Ireland — 30 June 2021

Supreme Court: Quinn Insurance ordered to pay €5m to cover PwC’s costs while security for costs is being calculated

The Supreme Court has ordered Quinn Insurance Limited to provide €5 million in “interim security” for PricewaterhouseCoopers in order to avoid a stay on its proceedings. The ruling arose from a previous Supreme Court decision that QIL has to provide security for costs to PwC.

Supreme Court in Ireland — 29 June 2021

High Court: Custodial sentence cannot be activated for accused man after suspended sentence period lapsed

The High Court has allowed a judicial review application for a man who challenged the State’s entitlement to return him before the Circuit Court for offences which occurred during a suspended sentence period.

High Court in Ireland — 28 June 2021

Court of Appeal: Hitman in drag loses appeal against murder conviction

The Court of Appeal has rejected an appeal against conviction brought by a man who murdered Keith Walker with a submachine gun while dressed as a woman.

Court of Appeal in Ireland — 25 June 2021

Court of Appeal: Spousal maintenance order doubled after High Court failed to make 'proper provision' for wife

The Court of Appeal has allowed an appeal against a spousal maintenance order made in the High Court, which provided only €800 per month to the former wife of a farmer and expired after four years.

Court of Appeal in Ireland — 24 June 2021

High Court: Application to amend a case stated from the Tax Appeal Commissioner rejected

The High Court has rejected an application to amend a case stated from the Tax Appeal Commissioners on a point of law. The application sought to introduce further questions of law regarding the jurisdiction of the Commissioner and his conduct in proceedings.

High Court in Ireland — 23 June 2021

High Court: Legal costs for 'entirely successful party' reduced to 60 per cent due to 'unreasonable' submissions

The High Court has ruled that the Revenue Commissioners were not entitled to full legal costs despite being “entirely successful” in case stated proceedings. The court held that 20 per cent of the hearing was taken up by submissions which had no probability of success and therefore only granted 60 per cent of the costs to the Revenue.

High Court in Ireland — 22 June 2021

UK Supreme Court holds accounting firm liable to English building society for millions in damages for negligent advice

The UK Supreme Court has found that an accounting firm that incorrectly advised a building society that it could use a method of accounting known as “hedge accounting” to handle volatility in certain payments had negligently cost the society £32 million for the cost of ditching the contracts early as a result.

UK Supreme Court in United Kingdom — 21 June 2021

Supreme Court: Labour Court recommendation for Sectoral Employment Order quashed for failure to give reasons

The Supreme Court has quashed a recommendation by the Labour Court for a Sectoral Employment Order setting minimum conditions for electrical workers’ pay because it failed to provide adequate reasoning for the decision. The SEO was recommended under the procedure set out in Chapter 3 of Industrial Relations (Amendment) Act, 2015.

Supreme Court in Ireland — 21 June 2021

High Court: Claim of misfeasance against council struck out due to 22-month delay in delivering statement of claim

The High Court has struck out a claim against Clare County Council in which the plaintiff failed to produce a statement of claim for 22 months after the plenary summons had issued.

High Court in Ireland — 18 June 2021

High Court: Labour Court erred in dismissing HSE employee’s claim under fixed-term contracts legislation

The High Court has held that the Labour Court was incorrect in law when it refused a claim by a HSE employee under the Protection of Employees (Fixed-Term Work) Act 2003 on the basis that he was not a fixed-term employee.

High Court in Ireland — 17 June 2021