Case archive

Court of Appeal: Man who secured subsidiary protection entitled to join Defence Forces

The Court of Appeal has allowed the appeal of a Pakistani national who was prevented from joining the Defence Forces in Ireland.

Court of Appeal in Ireland — 27 March 2020

Supreme Court: International protection appeal dismissed as judges disagree on statutory interpretation

The Supreme Court has dismissed the appeal of a man who was refused international protection and who was subject to a deportation order.

Supreme Court in Ireland — 26 March 2020

Supreme Court: Stockbrokers must provide credit union with reports of ISE investigation

The Supreme Court has ruled that the stockbrokers J & E Davy must provide Waterford Credit Union with reports of an Irish Stock Exchange investigation.

Supreme Court in Ireland — 25 March 2020

Court of Appeal: Winding-up order of Irish company involved in English court proceedings annulled

The Court of Appeal has annulled a winding-up order of an Irish-registered investment company involved in court proceedings in England.

Court of Appeal in Ireland — 24 March 2020

High Court: Employee who claimed he was disciplined for protected disclosures loses appeal

The High Court has refused an appeal from a determination of the Labour Court taken by an employee who claimed that he was being disciplined for having made protection disclosures.

High Court in Ireland — 23 March 2020

Supreme Court: HSE and labs’ appeal dismissed in Ruth Morrissey cervical smear case

The Health Service Executive, Quest Diagnostics Incorporated, and Medlab Pathology Limited have lost a Supreme Court appeal against a High Court judgment in favour of Ruth Morrissey arising from the misreading of her cervical smear tests.

Supreme Court in Ireland — 20 March 2020

Court of Appeal: 'Lenient' sentences for defilement and assault causing harm upheld

An application brought by the Director of Public Prosecutions seeking the review of sentences for defilement of a child and assault causing harm on grounds of undue leniency pursuant to s.2 of the Criminal Justice Act 1993 has been dismissed by the Court of Appeal.

Court of Appeal in Ireland — 19 March 2020

Court of Appeal: Murderer fails in appeal over 'bad character evidence'

A convicted murderer has failed in an appeal based on the use of bad character evidence in his trial.

Court of Appeal in Ireland — 18 March 2020

High Court: Only planning decision-maker under Planning and Development Act 2000 can apply for stay

The High Court has denied two interlocutory applications taken by Kilkenny County Council.

High Court in Ireland — 16 March 2020

High Court: Judicial review application to quash planning permission for wind farm rejected

A couple who live near a proposed wind farm in Co Galway have lost a legal bid to overturn planning permission for the development in the High Court.

High Court in Ireland — 13 March 2020

High Court: District judge was right to accept garda evidence on lost CCTV footage

The High Court has found that the District Court was correct in accepting garda evidence on what the garda could see on CCTV footage when the CCTV evidence was subsequently lost.

High Court in Ireland — 12 March 2020

Court of Appeal: Sentences increased for men who robbed Post Office at gunpoint

The Court of Appeal has increased the sentences of four men for armed robbery of a post office.

Court of Appeal in Ireland — 11 March 2020

High Court: Slip rule amendment can be made before a new judge

The High Court has ruled that an application made under Order 28, rule 11 of the Rules of the Superior Courts, commonly referred to as amendments under the “slip rule”, may be heard by a judge sitting in the relevant list, who does not necessarily have to be the judge who originally made the order.

High Court in Ireland — 10 March 2020

High Court: Master of the High Court overruled on extension of time

The High Court has ruled that Edmund Honohan SC, the Master of the High Court, erred in extending time for an appeal of a decision of the Circuit Court.

High Court in Ireland — 9 March 2020

High Court: House and watch seized under proceeds of crime legislation

The High Court has found that a house and a watch found inside the house were acquired using the proceeds of crime.

High Court in Ireland — 6 March 2020