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Court of Appeal: Appeal against appointment of receiver over substantial site on Dublin Quays rejected

The Court of Appeal has rejected an appeal against the appointment of a receiver over a substantial property on the Dublin Quays. The defendant, Dengrove DAC, had appointed a receiver to sell the property after the plaintiffs, Mr Pat Ryan and Mr Phil Monaghan, failed to uphold the terms of a settlement agreement.

Court of Appeal in Ireland — 18 February 2021

Court of Appeal: Homemade will held to be valid despite destruction of certain sentences with pen

The Court of Appeal has upheld the validity of a homemade will despite the fact that several parts had not been properly executed by the testatrix.

Court of Appeal in Ireland — 17 February 2021

High Court: Leslie Buckley fails in bid to remove inspectors from INM investigation

The High Court has refused an application to remove the two inspectors appointed to investigate and report on the affairs of Independent News and Media plc. The proceedings were brought by Mr Leslie Buckley, a former director and executive chairman of the company.

High Court in Ireland — 16 February 2021

Supreme Court: Convicted IRA member's claim of unconstitutional detention dismissed

The Supreme Court has dismissed an appeal brought by a convicted IRA member who claimed that his detention by gardaí was unconstitutional.

Supreme Court in Ireland — 15 February 2021

High Court: Judge orders remote hearing under new law despite objections from defendant

The High Court has ruled that a Commercial Court case will be heard using the remote hearing platform TrialView, despite objections from the defendant.

High Court in Ireland — 12 February 2021

Court of Appeal: Increased sentence for man guilty of violent witness intimidation

A man who was found guilty of witness intimidation and assault has had his sentence increased by the Court of Appeal following an appeal by the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Court of Appeal in Ireland — 11 February 2021

Court of Appeal: Man who tried to exclude rape acquittal from criminal record certificate has appeal dismissed

The Court of Appeal in Northern Ireland has dismissed the appeal of a man who tried to exclude a child rape acquittal from his Enhanced Criminal Record Certificate. The man, known as KC, applied to take up positions as a childcare assistant in a school and as a volunteer in a community organisation, but was considered to be ineligible due to the disclosure in the ECRC about the rape accusations. The High Court had previously ruled that the disclosure was acceptable in the case.

Court of Appeal in Northern Ireland — 10 February 2021

Court of Appeal: €110,000 award overturned for employee who slipped on steps at work

The Court of Appeal has allowed an appeal against a personal injuries award for a man who slipped and fell down set of steps at work.

Court of Appeal in Ireland — 9 February 2021

High Court: FBD Insurance liable to pay out to publicans for coronavirus losses under policy

In a landmark judgment, the High Court has ruled in favour of four pub owners who claimed that FBD Insurance was required to cover their losses for the enforced closure of business during the coronavirus pandemic.

High Court in Ireland — 8 February 2021

High Court: Former employee not entitled to pay from Aer Lingus while awaiting trial for dismissal due to drugs charge

The High Court has rejected an injunction application brought by a former Aer Lingus cabin crew member who was dismissed following a criminal charge for possession of cannabis and ecstasy.

High Court in Ireland — 5 February 2021

Court of Appeal: Commercial proceedings can be re-entered to court list due to breach of settlement agreement

The Court of Appeal has ruled that a plaintiff can re-enter Commercial Court proceedings which were struck out on consent in 2011. The proceedings had been settled prior to trial under a written settlement agreement and included a clause that the case could be re-entered into the Commercial List if there was a breach of the agreement.

Court of Appeal in Ireland — 3 February 2021

High Court: Leave to appeal rejected in controversial planning case for 245 high-rise apartments in Finglas

The High Court has refused an application to grant An Bord Pleanála leave to appeal a decision to overturn a planning permission for high-rise accommodation in Finglas. The controversial development permission had previously been quashed in July 2020 by Mr Justice Denis McDonald, who had concluded that the Board failed to provide satisfactory reasons for the planning permission.

High Court in Ireland — 2 February 2021

Court of Appeal: €65,000 award upheld for laceration injuries sustained by child while ice-skating

The Court of Appeal has upheld a personal injuries award for a child who suffered lacerations to her hand while ice-skating at a seasonal pop-up ice rink. The child had been awarded €65,000 in the High Court after the judge determined that the ice rink had been overcrowded and poorly supervised by the defendant.

Court of Appeal in Ireland — 1 February 2021

High Court: Irish Coursing Club fails to get injunction allow meetings during Level 5 restrictions

The High Court has refused to grant an interlocutory injunction to allow the Irish Coursing Club (ICC) to hold races during Level 5 lockdown.

High Court in Ireland — 29 January 2021

High Court: State risks falling short of 'moral ideal' over treatment of LGBT asylum seeker

A High Court judge has criticised the reasoning of the Minister for Justice and Equality in a decision refusing protection for an LGBT asylum seeker.

High Court in Ireland — 28 January 2021