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Advocate General Szpunar: UK and Gibraltar are a single member state for the purposes of the freedom to provide services

For the purposes of the freedom to provide services, Gibraltar and the UK are to be treated as one entity, according to an Opinion of an Advocate General in the Court of Justice of the European Union.

20 January 2017

Supreme Court: Gang member who murdered Limerick man in case of mistaken identity loses appeal

A gang member serving life for the murder of a man in Limerick in 2008 has lost the appeal against his sentence in the Supreme Court.

19 January 2017

Court of Appeal: Man not entitled to retrospective application of the declaration of unconstitutionality in Moore

A man remanded into custody as a result of breaking the conditions of his suspended sentence has lost a constitutional challenge to his sentence in the Court of Appeal.

18 January 2017

UKSC: Disabled man unable to board bus because of passenger's refusal to vacate wheelchair space has appeal allowed to limited extent

A disabled man who was unable to board a bus because a mother with a buggy refused to vacate the space has had his appeal unanimously allowed, albeit to a limited extent, by judges in the UK Supreme Court.

18 January 2017

Triple murderer and rapist Arthur Hutchinson suffered no violation of article 3, Strasbourg rules

A man who broke into a house and murdered a couple and their son before raping their daughter suffered no violation of his article 3 right – prohibition of inhuman or degrading treatment – judges in the European Court of Human Rights have ruled by 14 votes to 3.

18 January 2017

NI Court of Appeal: Facebook’s liability to convicted sex offender reduced on appeal

Facebook has succeeded in its appeal against an award of £20,000 in compensation, which the High Court held it was liable to pay to a convicted sex offender for misuse of private information.

17 January 2017

CJEU fines Roullier group €60m over phosphates cartel

in the cartel during that period, the Commission considered that most of the proposed reductions were no longer appropriate for the period 1993-2004. The change in position of the Roullier group explains why it cannot rely on the principle of the protection of legitimate expectations regarding maintenance of the estimates indicated by the Commission during the settlement procedure.

17 January 2017

NI Court of Appeal: Drunk and drugged driver who killed QUB student has sentence increased

The drunk driver who killed Enda Dolan, the 18-year-old first-year architecture student at Queen's University, has had his sentence increased by two years after the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) challenged the overly generous mitigation in the man’s sentencing.

16 January 2017

High Court: Liquidator must provide Revenue with detailed time sheets before payment is granted

An official liquidator of a company must provide the Revenue, as a significant creditor of the company in liquidation, with the detailed breakdown of work done in order for there to be a determination on the reasonableness of those fees, the High Court has ruled.

13 January 2017

High Court: Man awarded €700k for negligent operation performed nearly 20 years ago

A 58-year-old man was successful in his negligence claim against the Health Service Executive, in which he was awarded over €700,000 for significant disability caused by an accidental tear in his ureter while removing a kidney stone in 1998.

12 January 2017

High Court: AIB application for summary judgment refused due to EU rules on unfair contracts

AIB has had its application for summary judgment against a farmer and his wife refused by the High Court.

11 January 2017

Grand Chamber to hear article 3 appeal of Briton wanted in US for murder

A man indicted in Florida for first degree murder and attempted robbery with a firearm whom the US authorities have been seeking to extradite since 2003 has made a second, article 3, application to the European Court of Human Rights complaining that a first-degree murder conviction in the US carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison without parole

11 January 2017

High Court upholds award of €26,000 for former Arnott’s restaurant employee

A restaurant has been unsuccessful in its bid to overturn determinations of the Rights Commissioner and the Employment Appeals Tribunal, which had awarded a former employee €26,000 for breaches of the Unfair Dismissals Acts 1977-1993.

10 January 2017

Muslim parents whose daughters were refused mixed swimming exemption suffered no article 9 violations

Muslim parents in Switzerland whose daughters were refused an exemption from compulsory mixed swimming lessons by authorities suffered no violation of their article 9 rights (freedom of thought, conscience and religion), judges in the European Court of Human Rights have unanimously ruled.

10 January 2017

Grand Chamber to deliver judgment on triple murderer and rapist, Arthur Hutchinson

The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) will be delivering a Grand Chamber judgment in the case of Hutchinson v the United Kingdom on 17 January 2017 in a case concerning the complaint by a man serving a whole life sentence for murder that his sentence amounts to inhuman and degrading treatment as he has no hope of release.

10 January 2017