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Court of Appeal rejects company’s challenge of contract between Education Minister and Bus Éireann

The Court of Appeal has dismissed an appeal by a company who sought to challenge a contract for the supply of school transport as breaching EU Law, finding that the contract did not fall within the meaning of the appropriate Directive.

30 May 2016

Company and its directors fined over £40,000 for unlawful deposit of waste

The Crown Court for Northern Ireland has fined a company and two of its directors £40,000 and £1,000 each respectively for the unlawful deposit of waste.

27 May 2016

High Court declares suspended sentencing regime unconstitutional

The High Court declared that section 99 of the Criminal Justice Act 2006 is unconstitutional in a judgment delivered last month and published in full yesterday.

26 May 2016

Application for judicial review of possession of family home refused

The High Court has refused a couple's application for judicial review for an order of certiorari in respect of an order for possession of property.

25 May 2016

High Court makes declaration against former directors of freight company

The joint liquidators of a company succeeded in seeking a declaration that three individuals shall not act as directors or secretaries or be concerned in the promotion or formation of any company unless that company meets the requirements of s.150(3) of the Companies Act 1990 (s.819(3) of the Companies Act 2014).

24 May 2016

High Court rules on Irish Aviation Authority’s assertion of legal privilege in defamation case

The High Court has found that the Irish Aviation Authority correctly asserted legal privilege in relation to 39 documents listed in a defamation case, with five exceptions, which were ordered to be disclosed to the plaintiff.

23 May 2016

High Court grants injunction requiring An Post to provide details of reasons for dismissing employee

The High Court has granted an employment injunction, finding that An Post had not sufficiently notified a man of the reasons for his dismissal.

20 May 2016

High Court dismisses investor who lost €2m in property syndicate’s FSO appeal

The High Court has dismissed Mr Charles Verschoyle-Greene’s appeal against a decision of the Financial Services Ombudsman, in which the FSO dismissed his complaint about the way the Bank of Ireland sold him a property investment.

19 May 2016

UKSC allows appeal for maintenance of interim injunction in celebrity threesome case

The UK Supreme Court has unanimously granted a celebrity permission to appeal the discharge of an interim injunction regarding his sexual encounters and, by a majority, has allowed the appeal.

19 May 2016

Supreme Court finds UK life sentencing unconstitutional, but grants European Arrest Warrant

The Supreme Court has upheld a decision to surrender a man who had been sentenced in the UK to life imprisonment in 1984 for the murder of his neighbour back to the UK, finding that while the UK system with regards to life sentences would be unconstitutional in Ireland, it did not justify Ireland refusing to comply with European Arrest Warrants (EAW).

18 May 2016

Supreme Court allows additional grounds in appeal, due to ‘transitional phase’ of Court

The Supreme Court has given leave for a respondent in an appeal to rely on additional grounds, despite not including them in the respondent notice, finding that a degree of latitude should be given in light of the Court being in a transitional phase.

17 May 2016

Court of Appeal finds judge should have recused himself in contempt of court proceedings

The Court of Appeal has found that Hedigan J should have recused himself in a case concerning contempt of court, as previous statements made by the judge satisfied the objective bias test.

16 May 2016

The Supreme Court holds interception of cocaine in post not illegal

The Supreme Court has found that evidence obtained as a result of the interception of a postal package in Germany was admissible in a case against the eventual recipient of the package.

13 May 2016

High Court to hear adoption revocation appeal on merits

The Northern Ireland High Court of Justice Family Division has determined that it may hear an appeal against a decision not to revoke a freeing order on its merits, finding that such an approach is in line with a European Convention on Human Rights compatible interpretation of the Adoption (Northern Ireland) Order 1987.

12 May 2016

UKSC dismisses appeal by NI Commissioner for Complaints over lack of power to recommend consolatory payment

The UK Supreme Court has unanimously dismissed an appeal by the Northern Ireland Commissioner for Complaints against a ruling which found he had no power to recommend a consolatory payment or to lay a special report before MLAs in the case of a GP following a finding of maladministration.

12 May 2016