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Court of Appeal: Man who stole €300 from 81-year-old woman in targeted robbery loses appeal against sentence

A 24-year-old man who followed an 81-year-old woman from a shop and stole her purse has lost an appeal against his sentence of three years with the final 18 months suspended.

Court of Appeal in Ireland — 7 June 2019

Supreme Court: Man who lost medical negligence case loses appeal against unusually high medical expert fees

A man who complained that the medical expert fees included in the bill of costs of the hospital and consultant in his medical negligence claim were so unusually high as to indicate a conflict of interest has lost his appeal to the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court in Ireland — 6 June 2019

Supreme Court: Vulture fund cannot rely on deposit of land certificates for lien over registered lands

A man who deposited land certificates with Ulster Bank as security for his indebtedness has won an appeal against the finding that a vulture fund, which bought the loan asset and related security, had the benefit of a lien by deposit over his lands.

Supreme Court in Ireland — 5 June 2019

Supreme Court: Facebook loses appeal against decision to refer data protection case to CJEU

Facebook has lost an appeal against the decision to refer a complaint about EU-US data transfer to the Court of Justice of the European Union for a preliminary ruling.

Supreme Court in Ireland — 4 June 2019

Belfast Crown Court: Three men found not guilty of murdering man in Carrickfergus

Three men who were charged with the murder of a man in Carrickfergus have been found not guilty of all charges against them.

Crown Court in Northern Ireland — 31 May 2019

Supreme Court: Public Accounts Committee acted unlawfully in Kerins hearing

A woman has been granted a declaration that the Public Accounts Committee acted unlawfully in conducting a public hearing in a manner significantly outside its terms of reference, which also departed significantly from the terms of her invitation to attend the hearing.

Supreme Court in Ireland — 30 May 2019

Supreme Court: Offence of failing to disclose information not incompatible with the Constitution

The Supreme Court has overturned a decision of the High Court which declared that section 9(1)(b) of the Offences Against the State (Amendment) Act 1998 offended the constitutional right to remain silent.

Supreme Court in Ireland — 29 May 2019

Supreme Court: 26-year-old man’s arrest for deportation was unlawful

The Supreme Court has ruled that the arrest of a 26-year-old man, who had applied for residency on the basis of his father’s marriage to an EU national, was unlawful and that he was not detained in accordance with the law.

Supreme Court in Ireland — 28 May 2019

Supreme Court: Minister of Agriculture's application for review of judgment on negligent misstatement dismissed

The Supreme Court has dismissed a "rare and exceptional" application from the Minister of Agriculture to review a judgment relating to negligent misstatement by government officials.

Supreme Court in Ireland — 27 May 2019

Supreme Court: Hospital loses appeal against finding that limitation period began when medical report was furnished

A hospital has lost an appeal against the finding that the two-year limitation period for issuing personal injury proceedings began when the plaintiff received a doctor’s medical report based on hospital records – not when he was informed in the weeks after his surgery that he had contracted MRSA.

Supreme Court in Ireland — 24 May 2019

Court of Appeal: Award of €310,000 for defamatory articles published in the Sunday World is upheld

The Sunday World has lost an appeal against the finding that two articles it published about a former GAA footballer were seriously defamatory and warranted an award of €310,000 in damages.

Court of Appeal in Ireland — 23 May 2019

Workplace Relations Commission: Man whose job offer was withdrawn due to his age is awarded €2,500

A man who accepted a job as a minibus driver for a charity had his job offer withdrawn a month later on the basis of his age, despite having submitted at least five documents displaying his date of birth in the application process.

Workplace Relations Commission in Ireland — 22 May 2019

High Court: Galway County Council acted ultra vires in their decision to destroy seized horse due to unpaid fees

A man whose horse was seized by Galway County Council and destroyed as a result of unpaid fees incurred as a result of the same seizure has been granted an order setting aside the decision to dispose of the horse by way of destruction.

High Court in Ireland — 21 May 2019

Court of Appeal: Sentence imposed on a man who sexually assaulted his two-year-old son was unduly lenient

The Court of Appeal in Belfast has found that a five-month sentence imposed on a man convicted of sexually assaulting his two-year-old son was unduly lenient.

Court of Appeal in Northern Ireland — 20 May 2019

High Court: Charity Commission cannot lawfully delegate decision-making functions to staff acting alone

The functions of the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland cannot lawfully be discharged by the staff of the Commission acting alone, the High Court in Belfast has ruled.

High Court in Northern Ireland — 17 May 2019