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High Court: Occupiers are not required to remove all dangers

The High Court has dismissed a personal injuries appeal for a broken arm sustained by the plaintiff when she was eight years old.

High Court in Ireland — 10 November 2020

High Court: Man awarded €231,000 for life-changing injuries in pub assault

The High Court has awarded €231,663.02 plus costs to a man left with life-changing injuries following an assault in a pub.

High Court in Ireland — 9 November 2020

Supreme Court: High Court and Court of Appeal overturned in catastrophic injuries at birth case

The Supreme Court has overturned the judgments of the High Court and Court of Appeal in an action taken by a 25-year-old man for catastrophic injuries allegedly suffered in the circumstances of his birth.

Supreme Court in Ireland — 6 November 2020

High Court: Renewal of professional negligence summons set aside

The High Court has set aside a judge's renewal of a summons in a case concerning alleged professional negligence in circumstances where the summons had already been renewed by the Master of the High Court.

High Court in Ireland — 5 November 2020

High Court: Solicitor who 'borrowed from Peter to pay Paul' must be struck off

A Co Mayo solicitor who built up a client account deficit of more than €169,000 and "borrowed from Peter to pay Paul" must be struck off, the High Court ruled yesterday.

High Court in Ireland — 3 November 2020

Court of Appeal: Expert evidence required for professional negligence cases

The Court of Appeal has reiterated that allegations of professional negligence must be grounded in professional expert evidence.

Court of Appeal in Ireland — 2 November 2020

Children Act 2001 prevents identification of deceased child in criminal proceedings for an offence against the child

The Court of Appeal has held that the Children Act 2001 prevents the identification of a deceased child in criminal proceedings for an offence against the child.

Court of Appeal in Ireland — 30 October 2020

Court of Appeal: Claim of judicial bias rejected

The Court of Appeal has rejected an appeal taken by Eugenie Houston, where she alleged bias on the part of a High Court judge.

Court of Appeal in Ireland — 28 October 2020

High Court: Domestic violence 'never permissible', guidance to lawyers on raising sexuality in court

The High Court has rejected an appeal in a Domestic violence Act 2018 matter, and upheld an interim barring order made by the Circuit Court. The court also gave guidance to lawyers in raising sexuality in court.

High Court in Ireland — 29 October 2020

Supreme Court: Man entitled to Court of Appeal costs against judge

The Supreme Court has held that a man is entitled to costs against a judge of the District Court. The appeal flowed from judicial review proceedings taken by Brendan Kilty against Judge Cormac Dunne.

Supreme Court in Ireland — 27 October 2020

High Court: Solicitor guilty of professional misconduct in relation to barrister’s fees

The High Court, on appeal from the Solicitors’ Disciplinary Tribunal, has held that a solicitor was guilty of professional misconduct for failing to use his best endeavours to recover a barrister’s fees in a large number of cases.

High Court in Ireland — 21 October 2020

High Court: Man held in lawful custody despite detour to family court

The High Court has held that a man was held in lawful custody despite a detour to another court.

High Court in Ireland — 23 October 2020

Supreme Court: Udarás Úchtála cannot lawfully refuse adoption

The Supreme Court has held that Udarás Úchtála, the Adoption Authority, cannot lawfully refuse to register the separate Mexican adoptions of two young children in the Register of Intercountry Adoptions (the Register).

Supreme Court in Ireland — 22 October 2020

High Court: Historic sex abuse allegation decision quashed

The High Court has quashed a decision by Tusla, the Child and Family Agency (CFA), reaching a “provisional conclusion” that a man had engaged in sexual acts with a child in its review of historic sex abuse allegations.

High Court in Ireland — 20 October 2020

Supreme Court: No right to enter State, and High Court judge criticised

In an international protection appeal, the Supreme Court has held that there is no express right to enter the State for the purposes of making an application, save where the person is at its frontiers.

Supreme Court in Ireland — 19 October 2020