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Court of Appeal: Unmarried partners can be compelled to give evidence

Unmarried partners are not amenable to the non-compellability provisions of the Criminal Evidence Act 1992, it has been ruled in the Court of Appeal.

Court of Appeal in Ireland — 18 January 2019

High Court: Man who received two defective hip prosthetics should have applied to Injuries Board before bringing claim

A man who had two hip replacements in 2007, which were later found to be defective and recalled by the manufacturer, has had his claim dismissed in the High Court.

High Court in Ireland — 17 January 2019

High Court: Woman who claims guarantees were made under undue influence is granted injunction against receivers

A woman who claims that she was under duress and undue influence when she acted as guarantor for loans taken by her son, has been granted an interlocutory injunction restraining receivers from selling, possessing, trespassing upon or otherwise dealing with the secured property.

High Court in Ireland — 16 January 2019

Supreme Court: NI AG should intervene in litigation to pursue devolution issues referred to UKSC

The Attorney General for Northern Ireland should apply to intervene in litigation involving the north-south interconnector to clarify devolution issues referred to the UK Supreme Court.

UK Supreme Court in United Kingdom — 15 January 2019

Court of Appeal: Security officer who sought damages for slap to the buttocks has appeal dismissed

A security officer who brought a personal injury claim against a delivery driver, Tesco and Brennans Bread has had his appeal dismissed in the Court of Appeal.

Court of Appeal in Ireland — 14 January 2019

ECtHR: German parents did not suffer article 8 violation when homeschooled children were taken into care

A couple in Germany whose four children were temporarily taken into care because they insisted on homeschooling them did not suffer a violation of their article 8 rights, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has ruled.

European Court of Human Rights in Europe — 11 January 2019

Workplace Relations Commission: Bus company directed to reinstate driver who was unfairly dismissed

A bus company has been directed to reinstate a part-time school bus driver whose contract of employment was terminated in August 2017.

Workplace Relations Commission in Ireland — 11 January 2019

High Court: Businessmen entitled to defend vulture fund’s claim for €9.4m loan

Three businessmen who were granted a €9.4 million loan from EBS Building Society in 2009 have successfully argued that they are entitled to defend Promontoria’s claim for the €9.7 million now owed.

High Court in Ireland — 10 January 2019

Workplace Relations Commission: Man who was bullied at work awarded €26,000

A man who was subjected to bullying by a senior member of staff has been awarded €26,000 in compensation in the Workplace Relations Commission.

Workplace Relations Commission in Ireland — 9 January 2019

High Court: Foster mother who was not chosen as adoptive parent has application for judicial review dismissed

A woman who was the foster mother of a baby with serious health issues has had her application for judicial review dismissed in the High Court.

High Court in Ireland — 8 January 2019

Supreme Court: Man whose suspended sentence was reactivated is entitled to rely on finding of unconstitutionality in Moore

A man whose suspended sentence for driving offences was reactivated after he was convicted of dangerous driving causing death and serious bodily harm has successfully argued that he is entitled to the benefit of the declaration of unconstitutionality in Moore.

Supreme Court in Ireland — 7 January 2019

Belfast Crown Court: Cousins who shot man in the head with a shotgun given minimum term of 20 years imprisonment

Two men who were found guilty of the murder of a man in South Belfast have been given minimum terms of 20 years imprisonment, and another man has been sentenced to seven-and-a-half years for assisting them by hiding the shotgun in his bedroom.

Crown Court in Northern Ireland — 4 January 2019

Court of Appeal: Adhesive supplier liable for damage suffered by kitchen door manufacturer

An adhesive company has failed to appeal a finding of liability against it in a claim for damages brought by a kitchen door manufacturer based in Cookstown.

Court of Appeal in Northern Ireland — 3 January 2019

Supreme Court: Son of 93-year-old woman loses application to have her released into his care

The son of a 93-year-old woman, who has been made a ward of court and is residing in a nursing home on the basis of medical advice, has had his application for her release into his care refused in the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court in Ireland — 21 December 2018

High Court: €50,000 awarded to GAA player who injured his knee slipping on hole in footpath

An accomplished GAA and rugby player who injured his knee when his foot went into a small hole beside a chamber owned by Eircom has been awarded €51,936 in the High Court.

High Court in Ireland — 20 December 2018