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High Court: Prosecution allowed to proceed despite delay

The High Court has found that the balance of justice lies in favour of the prosecution of a man who, while a minor, allegedly assaulted gardaí and damaged court property while attempting to escape custody.

High Court in Ireland — 21 September 2020

High Court: Environmentalist group fails in legal aid challenge

The High Court has rejected a challenge taken by the Friends of the Irish Environment (FIE) against a decision of the Legal Aid Board (LAB) not to grant it legal aid.

High Court in Ireland — 18 September 2020

High Court: Preliminary reference to CJEU refused in environmental case

The High Court has declined to refer an environmentalist group's case to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU).

High Court in Ireland — 16 September 2020

High Court: Miscarriage of justice compensation granted

The High Court, sitting qua the Central Criminal Court (as the court of re-trial), has certified that a man is entitled to compensation for wrongful conviction.

High Court in Ireland — 10 September 2020

High Court: Solicitor struck off for dishonesty

The High Court has made an order striking off a solicitor from the Roll of Solicitors for dishonesty.

High Court in Ireland — 8 September 2020

High Court: State denied permission to appeal

The High Court has denied the State permission to appeal in a case where the court quashed the deportation order of two relatives of an EU citizen, having heard that they offered to undergo DNA testing at their own expense.

High Court in Ireland — 4 September 2020

High Court: Swine flu interrogatories order denied

The High Court has denied an application for an order pursuant to Ord 31 r 1 RSC granting leave to deliver interrogatories in a swine flu vaccine personal injuries case.

High Court in Ireland — 31 August 2020

High Court: Ex parte application to admit will to probate refused

The High Court has refused an ex parte application to admit a will to probate on the grounds that there were two obliterations on its face.

High Court in Ireland — 27 August 2020

High Court: County council entitled to impound horse and charge owner

The High Court has held that a county council acted intra vires in impounding a horse following an accident, and that it was entitled to demand a fee before returning the animal.

High Court in Ireland — 25 August 2020

High Court: State must establish international protection medical panel by December 2020

The High Court has ordered that the Minister for Justice and Equality must establish a medical panel for the purposes of section 23 of the International Protection Act 2015.

High Court in Ireland — 20 August 2020

UK Supreme Court: Restrictive covenant does not engage doctrine of restraint of trade

The UK Supreme Court has ruled that a restrictive covenant given by the developer of a Derry shopping centre in a lease that it granted to Dunnes Stores over part of the centre does not engage the doctrine of restraint of trade.

UK Supreme Court in United Kingdom — 19 August 2020

Supreme Court: Judges dismiss appeal in 20-year-long Trinity Hall saga

The Supreme Court has dismissed an appeal taken by James Kenny in a long saga of litigation related to the construction of student accommodation.

Supreme Court in Ireland — 18 August 2020

Court of Appeal: More regard should be had to Book of Quantum

The Court of Appeal has allowed a personal injuries appeal, and greatly reduced an award of damages for personal injuries. The court said that more regard should be had to the Book of Quantum.

Court of Appeal in Ireland — 13 August 2020

Court of Appeal: Order dismissing application for family reunification in 'actually polygamous' marriage affirmed

The Court of Appeal has affirmed the judgment of the High Court refusing family reunification where the applicant's marriage was, at the time of contracting, actually polygamous.

Court of Appeal in Ireland — 12 August 2020

Court of Appeal: High Court’s refusal of wardship adjournment set aside

The Court of Appeal has overturned the ruling of then-president of the High Court, Mr Justice Peter Kelly, refusing to adjourn an inquiry into whether a man with a moderate learning disability who wanted to marry should be made a ward of court.

Court of Appeal in Ireland — 11 August 2020