Toni Fitzgerald-Gunn: Asda’s slogan is ‘Save Money, Live Better’ – but who is really saving?

Toni Fitzgerald-Gunn, associate partner at Worthingtons Solicitors in Belfast, writes on the recent equal pay case involving supermarket Asda.

Published 18 February 2019

Irish Legal Heritage: Pat Finucane

Human rights lawyer Pat Finucane was murdered in his home in North Belfast on 12 February 1989. Pat was shot 14 times and his wife, Geraldine, was injured in the shooting, which was witnessed by their children as they hid underneath a table.

Published 15 February 2019

Naomi Gaston: Lost password costs £105 million

Naomi Gaston, senior associate at Mills Selig, writes on the importance of security at major cryptocurrency exchanges.

Published 8 February 2019

John Kelly: What should employers do about criminal offences outside work?

John Kelly, solicitor at Worthingtons Solicitors in Belfast, explores the response of employers to criminal offences committed outside of work.

Published 5 February 2019

Irish Legal Heritage: Mamie Cadden

On 1 February, the Feast of Saint Brigid of Kildare is celebrated as the day of new beginnings, the beginning of spring, and stories are told of the many miracles attributed to the second patron saint of Ireland.

Published 4 February 2019

Keith Walsh: Positive and sensible reform proposals promise an end to the divorce trap

Dublin solicitor Keith Walsh, chair of the Law Society of Ireland's child and family law committee, writes for Irish Legal News on the government's announcement of a divorce referendum in May 2019.

Published 30 January 2019

Mark O’Shaughnessy: Discovery – A solution for a process in “crisis”

The speed and frequency of how businesses communicate has evolved significantly over the last 20 years. Multiple emails, SMS and WhatsApp messages have replaced the traditional letter. This has had a considerable impact on the costs and resources now involved in complying with a discovery request in litigation or arbitration proceedings, write Mark O’Shaughnessy and Mary Jane Fegan.

Published 23 January 2019

Sarah Conroy and Cian O'Gorman: The Vacant Housing Refurbishment Bill – a constructive step?

Beale & Co partner Sarah Conroy and trainee solicitor Cian O'Gorman consider whether a proposed bill represents a constructive step towards the refurbishment of Ireland's planning and building processes.

Published 18 January 2019

Irish Legal Heritage: The First Dáil

After the Easter Rising, many of the volunteers focused on political activity rather than another rebellion. At Sinn Féin’s Ard Fheis on 25 and 26 October 1917, Arthur Griffith pledged: “we are remaking this organisation of Sinn Féin for the real purpose and object towards it will work” – the setting up of a constituent Assembly of Ireland to meet in Dublin.

Published 18 January 2019

Dr Conor Hanly: Anonymity for rape defendants?

Dr Conor Hanly, lecturer at NUI Galway School of Law and author of the 2009 book Rape and Justice in Ireland, writes for Irish Legal News today on the issue of anonymity for rape defendants.

Published 15 January 2019

Professor Colin Harvey: Uniting our shared island

Professor Colin Harvey, professor of human rights law at QUB School of Law, reflects on the impact of Brexit on the discussion of Irish unity as the UK's exit from the European Union looms.

Published 14 January 2019

Blog: Litigation funding in Ireland – is change coming?

Rosemary Ioannou, managing director at Vannin Capital, and Gavin Smith, partner at Walkers Global, examine the future of litigation funding in Ireland.

Published 11 January 2019

Máiréad Enright: Exclusion zones and possibilities for reform

Máiréad Enright, senior lecturer at Birmingham Law School and co-director of the Northern/Irish Feminist Judgments Project, sets out options for reform.

Published 11 January 2019

Irish Legal Heritage: Domestic Violence and Westropp's Divorce Bill 1886

The commencement of the Domestic Violence Act 2018 brings significant changes to Ireland’s law on domestic violence, including the introduction of offences under the heading of coercive control, the court’s express consideration of the victim’s psychological and emotional welfare, and extension of the eligibility of Safety and Protection Orders to all partners in an intimate relationship.

Published 11 January 2019

Richard Grogan: Adjudication Officers appear to be misapplying working time law

Employment law solicitor Richard Grogan of Richard Grogan & Associates examines cases where the Organisation of Working Time Act 1997 appears to be misapplied.

Published 10 January 2019