Elizabeth Denham: Use of live facial recognition technology in public is deeply concerning

Elizabeth Denham, the UK Information Commissioner, expresses serious concern over facial recognition technology.

Published 18 June 2021

Rosemary Connolly: Claimaint in sex discrimination claim fails to win interim relief

Rosemary Connolly, principal solicitor at Rosemary Connolly Solicitors, Employment and Equality Lawyers, examines a significant decision in a sex discrimination claim in England.

Published 17 June 2021

Gareth Planck: Hardship ahead for Northern Ireland's commercial renters

Gareth Planck, partner at Eversheds Sutherland, considers the commercial property landscape in Northern Ireland.

Published 16 June 2021

Fidelma McManus: Is cost rental a feasible approach to increasing Ireland’s affordable housing supply?

Fidelma McManus, partner and head of housing at Beauchamps, explores whether the cost rental model is a feasible approach to increasing Ireland's affordable housing supply.

Published 14 June 2021

Professor Colin Harvey: Making Northern Ireland's 'special arrangement' work

Professor Colin Harvey of Queen's University Belfast School of Law considers the post-Brexit challenges for Northern Ireland.

Published 11 June 2021

Helena Sheizon: EU Settlement Scheme – last chance to get your tickets on board

The EU Settlement Scheme will start wrapping up on 30 June 2021. Some EU nationals may have already missed the boat, and some may actually be on the boat but may still need to buy a ticket, writes Helena Sheizon, immigration lawyer and founder of Kadmos Consultants.

Published 9 June 2021

Eugene F Collins: Enforcement of judgments between Ireland and the UK post-Brexit

Eugene F Collins partner Paul Dempsey and associate Rachel Solanki consider what options creditors have in the aftermath of Brexit in enforcing a judgement handed down by a UK court in Ireland or vice versa.

Published 3 June 2021

Tom O'Malley: A new equality for Ireland's criminal justice system

Tom O’Malley SC explains his interest in sexual offending and the background to his appointment as chair of the review of protections for vulnerable witnesses in the investigation and prosecution of sexual offences.

Published 28 May 2021

Sumi Nadarajah: Motion marks – moving with the times

Sumi Nadarajah of FRKelly introduces Ireland's first registered "motion mark".

Published 27 May 2021

Richard Grogan: Mitigating loss and smoking on premises

Employment law solicitor Richard Grogan explores a case involving unfair dismissal where an employee is smoking on work premises.

Published 27 May 2021

Ultán Anderson: Ransomware payments – an insurance perspective

Ultán Anderson, litigation solicitor at Leman Solicitors, explains how "cyber insurance" can help protect businesses from ransomware attacks.

Published 25 May 2021

Matthew Austin: Small companies will welcome proposed administrative rescue process

Matthew Austin and Mary Gill of Hayes solicitors LLP explain how the proposed new rescue process for small and micro businesses will operate.

Published 25 May 2021

Matthew Howse: Public inquiries and learning lessons from the pandemic

Matthew Howse, partner at Eversheds Sutherland in Belfast, reflects on the UK's recently announced Covid public inquiry and what it means for Northern Ireland.

Published 18 May 2021

Benjamin Bestgen: 52 attempts to make jurisprudence interesting

Benjamin Bestgen, the author of the jurisprudential primer series published in Scottish Legal News and Irish Legal News, reflects on a year of his articles – from their inception in far-flung New Zealand to their conclusion in besieged Jersey.

Published 12 May 2021

Rachel Rodgers: The pandemic has changed the world – or has it?

Rachel Rodgers, partner at Walkers, considers the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on agreements between landlords and tenants.

Published 30 April 2021