Suryapratim Roy: Is climate change an issue of human rights?

Suryapratim Roy, associate professor at TCD School of Law, considers climate change within the context of human rights law.

Published 16 October 2019

Irish Legal Heritage: The 'Long' history of quackery

Social media is replete with various examples of quackery; from detox teas and bee-sting facials, to more sinister bleach therapies and cancer cures. Far from being a novel issue, quackery in Ireland has a long history, and many of us who have grown up in rural areas have heard stories of people who you’d visit for ‘the cure’.

Published 11 October 2019

Irish Legal Heritage: An engagement originating in avarice

In March 1817, Peter Blake brought Mary Wilkins to Court seeking compensation for breaking a promise of marriage.

Published 4 October 2019

Darryl Broderick: Show me the money? Courts clarify disclosure rules in loan sales litigation

Ronan Daly Jermyn partner Darryl Broderick and solicitor Hilda Mannix examine two recent judgments clarifying the circumstances in which a loan purchase price would be disclosed to borrower litigants.

Published 30 September 2019

Irish Legal Heritage: Jerimiah O’Donovan Rossa (Part II)

Upon merging with the Irish Republican Brotherhood, members of the Phoenix Society were trained in the use of rifles and military tactics by Irish-American officers of the Fenian Brotherhood (Shane Kenna, Jerimiah O’Donovan Rossa: Unrepentant Fenian (Merrion Press, 2015)).

Published 27 September 2019

Conor Gearty: Johnson's behaviour made the Supreme Court case about the very existence of the rule of law

Professor Conor Gearty, professor of human rights law at LSE Department of Law, offers his initial thoughts on the historic Miller/Cherry judgment.

Published 25 September 2019

Irish Legal Heritage: Jerimiah O’Donovan Rossa (Part I)

On 10 September 1831, Jerimiah O’Donovan Rossa was born in Reenascreena – a townland nestled between the villages of Leap and Rosscarbery in West Cork.

Published 20 September 2019

Kate McKenna: EU seeks interim order in competition investigation for first time in nearly 20 years

Kate McKenna, partner in the EU, competition and regulatory law group at Matheson, highlights a recent EU case involving interim measures for competition law concerns and shares the Irish perspective.

Published 19 September 2019

Eimear Nugent: European court ruling brings clarity on rights of EU citizen spouses

Eimear Nugent, solicitor at immigration law specialists Berkeley Solicitors, examines an important ruling on the rights of EU citizens' spouses.

Published 13 September 2019

Andrea McCann: Run rabbit run – how far would you force a restrictive covenant?

Andrea McCann, employment partner at John McKee in Belfast, looks at how employers can enforce restrictive covenants through the courts.

Published 11 September 2019

Richard Grogan: Constructive dismissal claimants must use internal procedures before resigning

Employment law solicitor Richard Grogan of Richard Grogan & Associates examines the law on constructive dismissal.

Published 10 September 2019

Irish Legal Heritage: The Manchester Martyrs

On 18 September 1867, Police Sergeant Charles Brett was shot dead while transporting prisoners, including two members of the Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB), from Manchester police court to Bell Vue Gaol.

Published 6 September 2019

Deirdre Malone: Supreme Court clarifies the test for reasonable accommodation

Deirdre Malone, partner in the employment team at Ronan Daly Jermyn, considers the latest developments in a long-running disability discrimination case.

Published 5 September 2019

Sinead Morgan: Key legal considerations for remote working

Sinead Morgan, senior associate in the employment team at DWF in Dublin, sets out the key legal considerations for any company offering remote working to its employees.

Published 3 September 2019

Paul Craig: Prorogation – Constitutional principle and law, fact and causation

Paul Craig, professor of English law at St John's College, Oxford and an authority on administrative and EU law, writes about important issues of constitutional principle and law raised by the prospect of prorogation as well as those concerning fact and causation.

Published 3 September 2019