Alma Clissmann: Classified list of in-force legislation can now be accessed online

Alma Clissmann of the Law Reform Commission sets out the body's recent work to maintain an online list of in-force legislation.

Published 19 March 2020

In detail: The Irish Government's emergency coronavirus bill

Writing for Irish Legal News, barrister Andrew McKeown explores the provisions of the Irish Government's emergency coronavirus bill.

Published 18 March 2020

Fiona Carroll: Law Reform Commission's work is revealing snapshots of history

Fiona Carroll of the Law Reform Commission explains the body's work to repeal obsolete pre-1922 legislation.

Published 18 March 2020

Georgina Wallace: Let there be light

Construction lawyer Georgina Wallace of Ronan Daly Jermyn gives an overview of the law relating to the right to light, recent case law in this area, and the implications of the right to light on developers.

Published 16 March 2020

Jason O'Sullivan: COVID-19 crisis management tips for business

Jason O'Sullivan, solicitor and public affairs consultant at J.O.S Solicitors, offers a practical guide to Irish businesses on steps to take in preparation for the coronavirus crisis.

Published 12 March 2020

Joanne Hyde: Jig up for the gig economy?

Joanne Hyde, partner and head of employment at Eversheds Sutherland, examines a recent Irish court ruling on Sunday work.

Published 4 March 2020

Alison Cassidy: Proposed personal discount rate will needlessly drive up claims costs

Alison Cassidy, partner at BLM in Belfast, examines proposals to slash the personal injury discount rate in Northern Ireland.

Published 3 March 2020

Benjamin Bestgen: Custody of digital assets

The safekeeping of digital assets by professional custodians remains uncertain territory. Scottish solicitor Benjamin Bestgen provides an overview.

Published 3 March 2020

Irish Legal Heritage: John Philpot Curran's defence of Oliver Bond

Curran spent many years defending United Irishmen who faced capital charges, the most famous of which were William Orr, Napper Tandy, and Wolfe Tone.

Published 28 February 2020

Richard Grogan: Health and safety breaches can lead to dismissal

Employment law solicitor Richard Grogan of Richard Grogan & Associates looks at an employment issue of particular significance as coronavirus fears grip Ireland.

Published 27 February 2020

Stephen Kirwan: Pitfalls and uncertainties in Ireland's gender recognition laws

Stephen Kirwan, solicitor at KOD Lyons, explores the pitfalls and uncertainties remaining under Ireland's gender recognition laws.

Published 27 February 2020

Leona Rankin: Has Northern Ireland been forgotten in post-Brexit immigration scheme?

Some thought it would never happen but the UK has officially left the European Union and with that departure, we prepare to welcome a new points-based immigration system, writes Leona Rankin, associate at Carson McDowell.

Published 25 February 2020

David Cantrell: Contracts of employment for employees without a valid work permit, ‘unenforceable’ in Labour Court and WRC

A recent decision of the Labour Court sheds light on the uncertainty surrounding the rights of non-EEA workers to seek compensation for owed payments from their employer in circumstances where they had been in employed without a valid work permit, writes David Cantrell, partner and head of the immigration group at Eugene F. Collins.

Published 25 February 2020

Irish Legal Heritage: John Philpot Curran and the trial of the Sheares brothers

Perhaps the most famous trials of John Philpot Curran’s career were those in which he appeared as defence counsel for leading figures of the Society of United Irishmen. 

Published 21 February 2020

Olivia O'Kane: The case of the world’s worst opera singer

Olivia O'Kane, partner and head of media and entertainments at Carson McDowell, examines a recent English court case concerning the authorship of a screenplay.

Published 20 February 2020