Blog: TUPE and Brexit — a de facto deterioration in working terms and conditions?

Barry Crushell, director and legal counsel at Aperture Partners, writes on a recent case concerning employment rights and Brexit.

Published 22 February 2018

NI Blog: It'll all come out in the wash

Patricia Rooney, director at Belfast-based Tughans, writes on a significant UK Supreme Court trial whose outcome will have a major impact on employers and employees.

Published 21 February 2018

Blog: Official Ireland remains in denial about its child abuse legacy

Dr Conor O'Mahony, deputy director of the Child Law Clinic at UCC, writes on Ireland's continuing failure to protect vulnerable children.

Published 20 February 2018

Blog: Dominic Grieve, former Attorney General, on Brexit

The following is the full transcript of the speech given by Dominic Grieve QC MP, former Attorney General for England and Wales and Advocate General for Northern Ireland (2010-14), at the Constitution Society’s Inaugural Public Lecture on 23 January, on ‘A backbencher’s view of Brexit’.

Published 20 February 2018

Richard Grogan on employment law: The gig economy

Employment law solicitor Richard Grogan of Richard Grogan & Associates writes on the classification of workers in the gig economy.

Published 16 February 2018

Blog: Supreme Court suggests a second layer of appeal may lie in certain Circuit Court cases

Ronan Geary, partner at Ronan Daly Jermyn, writes on a recent Supreme Court decision.

Published 13 February 2018

UK Blog: Landmark Supreme Court decision overrules historic gender discrimination in British citizenship

John Vassiliou, associate at Scottish law firm McGill and Co, writes on a Supreme Court judgment opening the door to applications for registration as a British citizen from people born abroad to a British mother between 1949 and 1983.

Published 12 February 2018

Blog: Dáil committee has been misled by State Claims Agency

Karen Kearney, partner at Cantillons Solicitors, responds to reports that the State Claims Agency has blamed personal injury practitioners for bringing high-profile cases to the Irish courts.

Published 9 February 2018

Blog: A high temperature can cause injuries and death within hours

Following renewed media interest in sepsis, Pat Daly, partner at Cantillons Solicitors in Cork, explains the seriousness of the infection.

Published 7 February 2018

NI Blog: Capacity, marriage and inheritance

Stephanie Johnston, solicitor in the private client team at Carson McDowell in Belfast, writes on a recent judgment in England and Wales.

Published 5 February 2018

Blog: Does anyone own the trademark "SUPER BOWL"?

US attorney Howard G. Zaharoff, who specialises in intellectual property, technology, and business law, explores the ownership of trademarks linked to the Super Bowl.

Published 2 February 2018

Richard Grogan on employment law: Dealing with a pregnant employee

Employment law solicitor Richard Grogan of Richard Grogan & Associates writes on how to deal with a pregnant employee.

Published 1 February 2018

Blog: Repayment of stamp duty where land used for residential development

Anthony Smyth and Michael Walsh, respectively head of the tax and property departments at ByrneWallace, explain the repayment of stamp duty where land has been used for residential development.

Published 1 February 2018

Blog: Should the LGBT community be required to bear the burden of Brexit?

Barrister Jonathan Cooper OBE of Doughty Street Chambers looks at the protections guaranteed by the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and the consequences of its loss, especially for the LGBT community.

Published 30 January 2018

NI Blog: Where does NI stand now that ROI lifts ban on Good Friday alcohol sales?

Aaron Mulholland, associate director at Tughans in Belfast, writes on the future of the Good Friday ban on alcohol sales in Northern Ireland.

Published 29 January 2018