Blog: High Court decision causes uncertainty around performance bonds

Arthur Cox partners Karen Killoran and Niav O'Higgins look at a recent judgment on performance bonds, which are widely used in the construction industry as a means of protecting employers against non-performance or financial default by the contractor.

Published 30 January 2020

Irish Legal Heritage: The Murder of Tomás MacCurtain

The first Republican Lord Mayor of Cork, Tomás Mac Curtáin, was born on 20 March 1884 in the townland of Ballyknockane, about fifteen miles north of Cork City.

Published 24 January 2020

Richard Grogan: Who is an employee?

Employment law solicitor Richard Grogan of Richard Grogan & Associates looks at the law surrounding gig economy workers.

Published 23 January 2020

Sarah Elliott: Courts may rule on payments in family break-ups

Family lawyer Sarah Elliott of Worthingtons Solicitors examines the law when unmarried families break up.

Published 22 January 2020

Dr Eoin O'Dell: The legal perils of hot coffee

Dr Eoin O'Dell, associate professor of law at Trinity College Dublin, examines a situation that has cropped up from the Circuit Civil Court in Dublin to the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg.

Published 21 January 2020

Irish Legal Heritage: The Glenrowan Siege and the end of the Kelly Gang

Edward “Ned” Kelly was a famous Irish-Australian bushranger and outlaw who was executed in November 1880. Part I, Part II and Part III of this series were published last year.

Published 17 January 2020

Richard Grogan: What is a protected disclosure?

Employment law solicitor Richard Grogan of Richard Grogan & Associates examines the law on protected disclosures.

Published 15 January 2020

Jennifer Cashman: Is it legal in Ireland to discriminate against vegans?

Ronan Daly Jermyn partner Jennifer Cashman and solicitor Alan Devaney consider whether a recent UK employment equality decision recognising ethical veganism as a belief protected by law could be replicated in Ireland.

Published 15 January 2020

Deirdre Munnelly: Courts criticise lawyer referrals to medical experts

Mason Hayes & Curran partner Deirdre Munnelly and associate Aisling Pierce examine a recent judgment criticising lawyers who refer their clients for specialist medical evaluation in the absence of a referral from the client’s primary treating doctor.

Published 10 January 2020

Jason O'Sullivan: New food supplements tax shows incompetence on tackling health crisis

Jason O'Sullivan, solicitor and public affairs consultant at J.O.S Solicitors, comments on the tax on food supplements introduced in Ireland this month.

Published 10 January 2020

Richard Grogan: Spanish court declares gig economy company workers are employees

Employment law solicitor Richard Grogan of Richard Grogan & Associates examines a recent Spanish court ruling on gig economy workers.

Published 9 January 2020

Rose Wall: Housing Bill flies in the face of environmental democracy

Rose Wall, chief executive of Community Law & Mediation (CLM), examines the impact of the Housing Bill currently under consideration by the Oireachtas.

Published 7 January 2020

Dr Michael Wardlow: End of the road for welfare reform mitigation

Dr Michael Wardlow, chief commissioner of the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland, considers the future of welfare in Northern Ireland.

Published 24 December 2019

Aaron Boyle: Where land development meets public procurement – the plot thickens

Arthur Cox partner Aaron Boyle and associate solicitor Sinéad Flanagan examine a complex area of the law on public procurement.

Published 19 December 2019

Patrick Murphy: Second-ever public hearing by CAS following ECtHR decision

William Fry associate Patrick Murphy and trainee Leeane Grace consider the impact of a recent European court ruling on sports.

Published 17 December 2019