Weekend Books – The Crown Agent

Scots lawyer and author Willie McIntyre was highly impressed with Scottish advocate Stephen O'Rourke's debut novel.

Published 4 October 2019

Weekend Books — The Battle of the Four Courts

For the last four years, the dome of the Four Courts in the heart of Dublin's legal quarter has been obscured by scaffolding, a bleak reminder of the damage it sustained in the opening salvo of the Irish Civil War nearly a century ago. Though most lawyers have seen first-hand the building's enduring scars, few will know the intricate details of the siege that shaped the nascent Irish Free State.

Published 17 May 2019

Weekend Films — Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

Director Joe Berlinger's new Ted Bundy biopic arrives in cinemas and on Sky Cinema today amid a storm of controversy over its casting of former teen heart-throb Zac Efron as the notorious murderer, rapist and necrophile who killed at least 30 women in the 1970s.

Published 3 May 2019

Weekend Films — Peterloo Massacred

Graham Ogilvy is disappointed by Mike Leigh’s newly released epic Peterloo.

Published 16 November 2018

Weekend Books — Revolting Prostitutes

Dublin solicitor Wendy Lyon examines the new book by sex workers and activists Juno Mac and Molly Smith ahead of its Irish launch events in Cork tonight and Dublin tomorrow.

Published 9 November 2018

Review: BlackBerry KEY2

Published 5 October 2018

Weekend Books — The secret’s out

The Secret Barrister: Stories of the Law and How It's Broken

Published 7 September 2018

Film Review — In the Fade

Following the conclusion earlier this week of the five-year-long National Socialist Underground (NSU) trial in Munich, In the Fade (German: Aus dem Nichts) from German-Turkish director Fatih Akin makes particularly timely viewing.

Published 13 July 2018

Weekend Reviews — No Stone Unturned

No Stone Unturned, director Alex Gibney's ground-breaking documentary on the 1994 Loughinisland massacre, has taken local cinemas by storm since its public début last Friday. In nearby Downpatrick, all tickets for weekend showings sold out.

Published 17 November 2017

Weekend Books — Crossing the Threshold: The Story of the Marriage Equality Movement

Crossing the Threshold tells the inside story of the marriage equality movement by way of a compilation of 23 testaments from the activists who helped lead the campaign to victory in the summer of 2015. It is an important book of record which documents the internal workings of the movement; in that way, it is a must-read for any would-be victors of a referendum campaign.

Published 10 November 2017

Weekend Reviews — Detroit

Fifty years on from the riots that rocked Detroit in 1967, director Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty) brings alive one of its most infamous and disputed incidents in an intense and powerful cinematic polemic against racial injustice.

Published 8 September 2017

Weekend Books — The Tartan Turban

Tartan is back in

Published 1 September 2017

Weekend Books – Lindell's List

The title of this book refers to an incident in April 1945. In response to the denial by SS Guards that there were any Anglo-American prisoners being held at Ravensbrück concentration camp, Mary Lindell, the subject of what might be loosely termed a biography, bravely stepped forward and produced a list of names for the visiting Red Cross officials. She and her fellow prisoners were then evacuated by White Buses to Sweden, preventing them from being used as hostages, being shot or even quite simply dying from disease in the final days of the war.

Published 21 April 2017

Weekend Books — Classic text blighted by Chinese whispers

The Ruler's Guide by Chinghua Tang

Published 7 April 2017

Weekend Books – Europe's last frontier

Border by Kapka Kassabova

Published 17 February 2017