Weekend Books – Marshall Hall: A Law unto Himself

Scottish advocate Stephen O'Rourke is impressed with a new biography of the great barrister Marshall Hall.

Published 2 September 2016

Weekend Books – Trials: On Death Row in Pakistan

Justice (terminally) delayed...

Published 12 August 2016

Weekend Books – Highland Clearances

Scottish lawyer Brian Inkster of Inksters Solicitors enjoys a fascinating account of the Highland Clearances but is angered at the parallels with the conduct of the Crofting Commission of today.

Published 22 July 2016

Weekend Books – David Hume

Professor Hector MacQueen of the University of Edinburgh writes for our sister publication, Scottish Legal News, about a new biography of the influential philosopher David Hume which he finds absorbing and worthy of the great man.

Published 22 July 2016

Confessions of a Barrister

The gavel, a device never used in the English courts, features on the cover of Confessions of a Barrister – and is a harbinger of things to come.

Published 15 July 2016

The Last Communard

It may surprise some readers that the last Communard of this title is not Jimmy Somerville, the shrill voice of the 1980s, but Adrien Lejeune who as a young free-thinker reluctantly took the side of the Commune revolutionaries when the people of Paris rose up against the reactionary French government that had capitulated to the besieging Prussians in 1871.

Published 15 July 2016

Weekend Books - Broken Vows - Tony Blair - The Tragedy of Power

Tom Bower is a barrister turned investigative journalist, a species that is all but extinct in modern Britain. He has produced a string of debunking biographies of the rich and famous and has successfully defended libel actions from the likes of Richard Branson, Robert Maxwell and Richard Desmond. Media tycoon Conrad Black had to freeze his action against Bower when he was convicted of fraud and imprisoned in Florida.

Published 8 July 2016

Weekend Books

GIllian Mawdsley is impressed by Cal Flynn's first novel – inspired by the discovery that one of her ancestors was Angus McMillan, the leader of the notorious Highland Brigade that massacred aborigines in 19th century Australia while Connor Beaton delves into the darker side of the Internet to explore hate crime in cyberspace.

Published 1 July 2016