DCU master’s programmes moving online in 2020-2021

DCU’s School of Law and Government is happy to announce that we will be delivering our taught master’s programmes fully online in 2020-2021. All modules will be delivered in online environments, through a combination of live and recorded lectures, online discussions and forums, as well as individual and group assignments. Teaching will be facilitated through DCU’s online learning environment, the Zoom video platform, and other tools. Our range of innovative degree programmes include the following: 

MA in Data Protection and Privacy Law: The growth of the digital economy has resulted in personal data processing becoming a global industry of enormous value. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) aims to protect EU privacy rights and harmonise data protection law across the EU. The GDPR impacts upon a vast number of sectors. Data privacy has become an important concern for businesses, internet users, lawyers and public bodies. This interdisciplinary degree, run jointly with DCU’s School of Computing, combines DCU’s expertise in law and computing to provide students with advanced expertise in the technological and legal aspects of data protection and privacy law. Further details: dcu.ie/dc786

MA in European Law and Policy: Numerous complex challenges facing governments and businesses require knowledge of European institutions and legal frameworks. The Eurocrisis, the migration crisis, problems with the rule of law and Brexit have forced a reflection on the future of Europe. Brexit in particular will require a rethink of Ireland’s engagement with Europe. This programme aims to equip graduates with the knowledge and skills to navigate and addresses these challenges. A broad curriculum familiarises students with the legislative and institutional structure of the EEU and the operation of EU law while equipping students with core skills of public policy design and analysis. Further details: dcu.ie/dc697

LLM Master of Laws: This programme is designed to prepare you for a career in the 21st century workplace, where employers seek adaptable and outward-looking critical thinkers. The programme offers a range of modules that goes beyond black-letter, formulaic legal study. It embraces a socio-legal methodology and has a European and international orientation. Students can choose to specialise in a particular area of law or can pursue a more general degree. We offer modules in three broadly discernible areas: (i) law and society, ethics, and human rights; (ii) EU, international and transnational law; (iii) institutions, public law and public policy. Further details: dcu.ie/dc662