UCD Sutherland School of Law Professional Diplomas

UCD Sutherland School of Law is currently enrolling for the following Professional Diplomas for January 2020:

- Professional Diploma in Arbitration

- Professional Diploma in Professional Regulation (12 weeks)

- Professional Diploma in Data Protection & Governance (24 weeks)

UCD Sutherland School of Law is the leading centre for legal education and research in Ireland. Renowned for excellence in undergraduate and graduate education, the School also offers a highly regarded Professional Development Programme.

Each of these Diplomas specialises in an area of law that will be of interest to professionals from a legal background or from a related area where a deeper specific knowledge is required. All Diplomas are part-time with lectures in UCD Sutherland School of Law (primarily evenings).

The Diplomas are co-ordinated by Law Faculty who are specialist in these specific areas of law: -

- Associate Professor Brian Hutchinson (Arbitration),

- Adjunct Professor Ciara McGoldrick (Professional Regulation)

- Dr TJ McIntyre (Data Protection & Governance).

For more information or to apply:

Web:  Sutherland School of Law website

Email:        lawdiplomas@ucd.ie 

Tel:           01 716 4114