Richard Gray: Will Brexit threaten EU protected food names?

Richard Gray, partner and head of the corporate team at Carson McDowell in Belfast, examines the potential impact of Brexit on the food and drink sector.

Published 28 August 2019

Government officials cast doubt on plans to 'end free movement' immediately after Brexit

UK government officials have cast doubt on plans to abruptly end European free movement in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Published 26 August 2019

Lisa Bryson: 'Ending free movement' – what is changing?

Lisa Bryson, partner and head of employment at Eversheds Sutherland in Belfast, considers the meaning of Priti Patel's recent announcement on free movement.

Published 23 August 2019

No-deal Brexit would have serious consequences for victims and witnesses of crime

A no-deal Brexit would disrupt cross-border police co-operation on the island of Ireland, with serious consequences for victims and witnesses of crime, researchers have warned.

Published 22 August 2019

Irish businesses exposed to Brexit are putting themselves at risk over foreign currency

Several Irish companies which deal in foreign currency are putting themselves at financial risk due to a lack of appropriate hedging in their organisations, according to the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants Ireland.

Published 22 August 2019

UK officials to withdraw from EU meetings from September 2019

UK officials will withdraw from most EU meetings, including important meetings on European law and policy, with effect from 1 September 2019.

Published 21 August 2019

No-deal Brexit warning for tens of thousands of Irish motorists using UK licenses

Tens of thousands of Irish motorists are driving with UK licenses in spite of a warning that they could become invalid after a no-deal Brexit.

Published 19 August 2019

Victims' campaigner Raymond McCord to bring fresh court challenge against no-deal Brexit

Victims' rights campaigner Raymond McCord has launched a challenge in the Northern Ireland courts aimed at preventing the Prime Minister from suspending Parliament to force through a no-deal Brexit.

Published 15 August 2019

Attempt to take private prosecution bid against Boris Johnson to Supreme Court fails

The man attempting to privately prosecute Prime Minister Boris Johnson over allegations he lied during the 2016 EU referendum has failed in a bid to take the case to the UK Supreme Court.

Published 15 August 2019

UK officials to withdraw from EU law meetings this week

UK officials will withdraw from EU meetings on European law and policy this week in anticipation of the UK's exit later this year, according to reports.

Published 13 August 2019

Court proceedings to stop Johnson suspending Parliament commence in Edinburgh

A legal petition to stop Prime Minister Boris Johnson forcing through a no-deal Brexit by suspending Parliament has been granted permission to proceed.

Published 12 August 2019

Professor R. Daniel Kelemen: New leaders and old problems – Brexit and the rule of law crisis

Professor R. Daniel Kelemen, professor of political science and law and Jean Monnet chair in European Union politics at Rutgers University, writes on the change of leadership in the UK and the EU.

Published 31 July 2019

MPs and Peers to launch Scottish court challenge to block Brexit prorogation of Parliament

A cross-party group of MPs and Peers have announced a Scottish court action aiming to block the Prime Minister from proroguing Parliament in the run-up to the Brexit deadline.

Published 23 July 2019

Lord Sumption suggests creation of inner privy council to advise Queen in face of proroguing

The Queen should be kept out of the Brexit controversy with the establishment of an inner privy council to advise her on proroguing Parliament, Lord Sumption has said.

Published 18 July 2019

Divorces obtained in UK may not be recognised in Ireland after Brexit

Divorces obtained in the UK may not be recognised in Ireland after Brexit, according to a briefing paper drawn up by the Bar Council of Ireland.

Published 8 July 2019