Focus on statistics and targets has negative impact on victims and witnesses

A focus on improving statistics and meeting targets is having a negative impact on victims' and witnesses' experience of the criminal justice system, a new report has found.

Published 29 July 2020

Criminal justice watchdog raises concerns about child sexual exploitation

A watchdog has raised concerns about how the criminal justice system responds to child sexual exploitation (CSE) in Northern Ireland.

Published 30 June 2020

Lack of progress on specialist Traffic Court criticised by justice watchdog

The lack of progress on establishing a specialist Traffic Court in Northern Ireland has been criticised by the criminal justice watchdog.

Published 19 March 2020

Jacqui Durkin appointed chief inspector of criminal justice for Northern Ireland

The Department of Justice has appointed Jacqui Durkin as chief inspector of criminal justice for Northern Ireland.

Published 21 October 2019

Further action needed on handling domestic violence and abuse cases

Further action must be taken to improve how cases of domestic violence and abuse are handled in Northern Ireland's criminal justice system, according to a key watchdog.

Published 19 June 2019