Court report

Former lawyer for struck-off solicitor Michael Lynn attacked 'robust bloodlust' of prosecutors

Letters sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions on behalf of struck-off solicitor Michael Lynn claimed the State was trying to “nail” an innocent man with “robust bloodlust”, the Court of Appeal has heard.

Published 1 May 2019

Rapist jailed for further 20 months after threatening garda in court

A rapist who followed a garda around a courtroom, shouting that he hoped she would "get run over by a bus", has been sentenced to an additional 20 months in prison.

Published 5 April 2019

Casino wins action over district judge's refusal to recuse themselves from hearing case

A casino has won its challenge aimed at preventing a District Court judge from hearing its prosecution for allegedly selling alcoholic beverages without a liquor licence.

Published 1 April 2019

Teenager who hit Oberstown director with a metal bar jailed for four years

A teenager who hit the director of Oberstown Children's Detention Campus on the head with a metal bar and smashed up the centre has been jailed for four years.

Published 25 March 2019

Lawyers for man charged with assault argue for dismissal following Supreme Court ruling

Lawyers for a man charged with assault have argued that the case should be thrown out because the prosecution could not prove the alleged injured party did not consent to the incident.

Published 22 March 2019

Man who attempted to bring knife into Criminal Courts of Justice jailed

A man who admitted attempting to carry a knife into the Criminal Courts of Justice complex in order to attack a man who was looking for bail has been jailed for two years.

Published 15 March 2019