Perjury bill to be signed into law

Legislation providing for a clear, statutory definition of perjury has cleared the Oireachtas and will now go to the president for his signature.

Published 16 June 2021

Bill requiring insurers to explain impact of personal injury guidelines on premiums postponed

Legislation which would require insurance companies to explain how new personal injury guidelines have impacted their premiums has been put on hold for nine months.

Published 3 June 2021

Ultán Anderson: Ransomware payments – an insurance perspective

Ultán Anderson, litigation solicitor at Leman Solicitors, explains how "cyber insurance" can help protect businesses from ransomware attacks.

Published 25 May 2021

High Court: FBD liable to pay publicans for partial closure of premises

The High Court has delivered a further judgment in the landmark FBD case involving publicans claiming insurance cover for losses arising from the pandemic.

Published 28 April 2021

High Court: Insurance coverage for Covid-19 losses is not available for Clarence Hotel under AXA policy

The High Court has ruled that a hotel is not covered for losses from the Covid-19 pandemic under a policy of insurance.

Published 23 April 2021

DAC Beachcroft rolls out explanatory animations for insurance claims clients

International law firm DAC Beachcroft (DACB) has rolled out a series of animations explaining the insurance claims litigation process to clients in Northern Ireland.

Published 22 April 2021

Private members' bill seeks to increase penalties for fraudulent claims

A private member's bill to increase penalties for fraudulent claims has been introduced to the Dáil.

Published 11 March 2021

Restaurants gearing up for Covid-19 insurance cover battle

Restaurants are gearing up for a court battle over insurance pay-outs linked to Covid-19 following last month's landmark ruling in favour of pub owners.

Published 1 March 2021

FBD will not appeal landmark business interruption insurance case

FBD Insurance does not intend to appeal a landmark High Court ruling that four pub owners are entitled to be compensated for the disruption their businesses suffered due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Published 18 February 2021

High Court: FBD Insurance liable to pay out to publicans for coronavirus losses under policy

In a landmark judgment, the High Court has ruled in favour of four pub owners who claimed that FBD Insurance was required to cover their losses for the enforced closure of business during the coronavirus pandemic.

Published 8 February 2021

Supreme Court orders insurers to pay out for coronavirus-related business interruption losses

Thousands of UK businesses will receive payouts for coronavirus-related business interruption losses after the UK Supreme Court sided with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in a landmark test case.

Published 15 January 2021

Personal injury awards in sights of action plan for insurance reform

The replacement of the Book of Quantum with personal injury guidelines, an enhanced role for the Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB) and the creation of a statutory offence of perjury are among the 66 actions set out in the government's first action plan for insurance reform.

Published 9 December 2020

High Court: MIBI not liable for uninsured driver where plaintiff was aware defendant was uninsured

The High Court has ruled that the Motor Insurance Bureau of Ireland (MIBI), which compensates victims of uninsured driving, will not be liable for any judgment against an uninsured driver who injured one of his passengers by crashing his car into a ditch.

Published 11 November 2020

Judicial review to challenge parental approval of compensation payout

A judicial review launched on behalf of a child who was injured in a hit-and-run is challenging the standard practice of parents or guardians signing off on compensation settlements.

Published 9 November 2020

Average legal costs in litigated personal injury cases just over €23k

The average legal costs in personal injury cases settled through litigation was over €23,000 between 2015 and 2019, according to new figures published by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Published 3 November 2020