Law Reform Commission

Rape law should be reformed to have 'primarily objective' consent test

The law on rape should be reformed to provide for a primarily objective test on whether an accused believed the woman was consenting to sex, rather than the current primarily subjective test, the Law Reform Commission has said.

Published 8 November 2019

Sexual offence laws have not 'kept pace' with online technology

Sexual offence laws in Ireland have not "kept pace with developments in online technology and the almost universal use of internet-enabled devices", a legal expert on rape and sexual assault has said.

Published 4 October 2019

Law Reform Commission calls for defamation law reform to protect court reporters

Ireland's defamation laws should be reformed to protect court reporters, including amateur bloggers, from being sued for simple oversights and omissions, the Law Reform Commission has recommended.

Published 23 July 2019

Attorney General to launch Law Reform Commission's fifth programme

The Law Reform Commission will launch its fifth programme of law reform this evening following extensive public consultation over the past two years.

Published 5 June 2019

Ms Justice Mary Laffoy addresses students on work of Law Reform Commission

Ms Justice Mary Laffoy, president of the Law Reform Commission, addressed law students at the 11th Annual Trinity College Law Student Colloquium on Saturday.

Published 11 February 2019