Legal aid

Lack of legal aid depriving people from ethnic minorities of their rights, FLAC tells UN

The lack of legal aid for racial discrimination and harassment claims in Ireland is depriving people from ethnic minority backgrounds of their rights, FLAC will tell UN experts today.

Published 2 December 2019

Root and branch review of civil legal aid scheme 'urgently needed', committee told

A root and branch review of the provision of civil legal aid is urgently needed, the Oireachtas justice committee has heard .

Published 27 November 2019

Legal Aid Board chief backs calls for family law reform

The chairperson of the Legal Aid Board has backed calls for fundamental and ambitious reform to the family law system.

Published 31 October 2019

England: Legal aid reinstated for vulnerable migrant children

Legal aid for vulnerable migrant children who have been separated from their parents has been reinstated in England and Wales.

Published 28 October 2019

Too many lay litigants in family law proceedings, FLAC warns

Far too many people are representing themselves in family law proceedings, legal rights group FLAC has warned.

Published 25 October 2019

Legal aid funding boost not enough for 'meaningful review' of civil scheme

The €1 million funding boost for the Legal Aid Board is not enough to allow for a "meaningful review" of the civil legal aid scheme, legal rights group FLAC has warned.

Published 10 October 2019

Legal rights group calls for 'legal aid audit' whenever legislation is passed

There should be a "legal aid audit" when any new legislation is passed, the head of legal rights group FLAC has said.

Published 2 October 2019

Legal aid as important for economy as hospitals and schools, claims new IBA-World Bank report

A new report from the International Bar Association (IBA) Access to Justice and Legal Aid Committee and the World Bank claims that improving legal aid services is as important for economic growth as providing functioning hospitals, schools and roads.

Published 2 October 2019

Bar says expanding scope of legal aid better than promoting legal expenses insurance

Expanding the scope of legal aid is a better way of increasing access to justice than promoting greater uptake of legal expenses insurance, the chair of the Bar Council of Northern Ireland has said.

Published 25 September 2019

Top judge calls for civil legal aid scheme to be 'deepened and broadened'

Civil legal aid should be widened to include areas of the law such as housing and homelessness, the Chief Justice of Ireland, Mr Frank Clarke, has said.

Published 17 September 2019

Lady Hale makes charity appeal for access to justice

The impact of savage cuts in civil legal aid since 2012 has been so devastating that the UK’s most senior judge yesterday felt it necessary to broadcast an appeal for a legal charity.

Published 29 July 2019

Exclusive: Bar to step up monitoring of unpaid fees as 'antiquated' legal aid scheme leaves junior lawyers distressed

The Bar of Ireland will more closely monitor the level of unpaid fees owed to junior barristers under the "antiquated" District Court legal aid scheme following a unanimous decision of the Bar AGM.

Published 24 July 2019

England: Victims of discrimination denied right to justice under legal aid system

Victims of discrimination in England and Wales are being denied their fundamental right to justice and perpetrators are going unchallenged because of failures in the legal aid system, the human rights watchdog has warned.

Published 19 June 2019

Lord Neuberger warns further justice system cuts will lead to 'breakdown of the rule of law'

Lord Neuberger has warned that further cuts in the justice system will lead to a “breakdown of the rule of law”, The Times reports.

Published 23 May 2019

UN report: Legal aid 'decimated' in England and Wales as poverty rises

Declining access to legal aid in England and Wales has been highlighted in a United Nations report on the UK, which describes the budget as having been "decimated".

Published 22 May 2019